Second Chances

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Madelines POV:

"Mads wait! Wait come on. Just stop!" Michelle pulled up to me and grabs my arm almost shoving me back. I forcefully pulled my arm away from her grip and kept on walking.

We're outside of the house of a boy who I apparently was caught almost about to have sex with. Charles Jacobs. And the person who caught me in the act? No other than that British shit of a friend ,Bradley Bentley.

You know for once I'd really like my life to be private you know? Not everyone bugging in. For God sakes i have never lived a life where i wasnt  onstantly being rumoured and shit talked back all my life. And you know, maybe if people minded their damn business all the time, I wouldn't have to defend myself or restrict to violence I never intend to go through.

Cursed and blessed with a good heart. I cant even.

And now I have to explain myself to my only bestfriend who is completely the last person I would ever want to see right now. Not in the state im in.

"Stop being a bitch, Madeline." The words sting me. Was i really a bitch everyont thought i was ? But i knew she didnt mean it. She just wanted to calm me down. Thats what we always say to calm each other down. But today it hit deep

"Im sorry, i cant help it" i shoutted back as my pacing starts to become running and i didnt care at all.

Besides her constant attempt to bring me back and the scene I knew i had started , i couldnt focus on nothing else but the drops of tears that started to fall on my eyes. Silent but full of pain. Accompanying that tone deaf silence was the grass rustling beneath my shoeless feet. Like needles they poked me. As if the humiliation was hurtful enough.

I didnt care if 100 people were watching or the whole world. I didnt care if he was a player if he was not. I didnt care if i was a.. virgin or if i was not. In that moment when I kissed Chase I felt a spark in me. I was rubbing bodies with the crush of my dreams. In that exact moment I wanted what i couldnt have. And it was amazing.

But that boy. That boy ,Bradely Bentley had to ruin everything! Did i really have to save him from those bullies the first day he came? Fastforward to this and he chooses to ruin that for me.

I mean i have left others to face Chase wrath but i felt so obligated to save his and i dont know why. I sincerely regret my choices.

Or maybe im only feeling this way because im drunk. Maybe Charles was taking advantage of me since i wasnt thinking straight. But i know im thinking straight. I think. And that Bradley wasnt doing me wrong.

I push those thoughts aside and felt the feel of pavement that got me out of my train of thoughts. I saw my car or Brad's car on the other side of the road . And ran to it. But the tears on my eyes blinded me for just one second and suddenly i found myself to the ground.

And then- everything went black.


I woke up the next morning in a white tiled room. My eyes fluttered open and i shut them closed again because the light in the room was blinding.

Soon as my eyes adjusted I slowly opened my eyes and explored my surroundings. Tiled walls, a bathroom screen cover by the end of the room opposite my body, a small bed and some equipments placed around. Raising my body up i felt a sharp pain in the head.

"Ah shit." I murmured. I pulled my hand to my face and I felt a little tug. Turning to the direction on my left i see a drip stand. The tube had been connected to my upper hand and each locomotion had hurt slightly.

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