Forget love, I'd rather fall in chocolate. chapter 2!

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Forget love, I'd rather fall in chocolate

Chapter 2!

*Blair's P.O.V*

Odd one, you're never alone

I'm here and I will reflect you

Both of us basically unattached

To anything or anyone unless we're pretending

You live your life in your head

Some call it imagination

I'd rather focus instead on anything except

What I'm feeling

What I'm feeling

Odd one...

My radio blares the song Odd One by Sick Puppies. I find this song fits me perfectly. I mean sure I'm famous and everything but I'm still all alone. My name's Blair. Blair Thompson.

I sit in my room straightening my thick blonde and black hair. Even when I look in the mirror I don't see the real me. I see the rock star me. I never see the real me anymore. I sigh and begin to put on my normal amount of think eye liner.


You must be wondering why I call her the bitch. Well you see she is just that. She's been like that since dad died. Unfortunately, she's my mother.

"I'll be right down!" I yelled back. Gosh I hate her. I sigh and begin searching for my purse. After I find it I start stuffing it with make-up, my iPhone, my iPod, and various other things.

I look one last time around my room. The walls a painted black but you cant really tell. It's covered in pictures, of my old life, and posters of my favorite bands. There's a huge canopy bed up against the wall with bright green bedding with lace on the top. My closet is filled with clothes that I've designed myself. I refuse to wear designer clothes. Then there's my plasma screen TV.  

I walk out of my room shutting and locking the door behind me. You never know what type of creep will want to get in there to take pictures. I walk down the three flights of stairs waving to various maids and butlers. None of them are as close to me as Estella though.

Estella is my personal maid. She doesn't really do much though because I like to do things myself. She is the most beautiful Italian woman ever. She has tanned skin and bright green eyes. She doesn't need any make-up because of her natural beauty.

As I walk into the main living room I spot her. She's in the kitchen cooking breakfast. I run up to her and tackle her in a hug.

"STELL!!" I yell very loudly in her ear. She just laughs and dusts herself off. You see Estella took an oath of silence and no one knows why. It doesn't matter though. I can't tell what she's trying to say just by looking at her.

She sets a plate of food down in front of me. She then leaves to start her day's chores. I eat quickly remembering my mother and how pissed she must be right now.

After I finished my breakfast I run outside to the waiting limo. "Damnit Blair. We're almost 20 minutes late!" said my mother.

"Chill bitch. The producers wont care as I make them loads of cash." I sneered at her. Did I mention how much I hate her?

She slapped my straight across the face and screamed, "YOU WILL NOT SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT! I AM YOUR MOTHER AND YOU WILL RESPECT ME."

"Bitch you will not treat me like that. I could fire you in a skinny minute without a second thought. If it weren't for me you'd still be living in North Carolina all alone." I said to her letting venom seep into every word and gave her my most deadly glare.

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