Chapter 29 - Way

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Ares Collin

When I stepped into the office, everyone's eyes were on Roseanne. I don't blame them because Roseanne is beautiful and the fact that she's wearing a white shirt and jeans.. adds everything.

I felt her trying get close to me when she saw everybody looking at her. I held her hand and walked towards Josh's office to hand him my work.

"Hey buddy, wha- you bring someone." Josh said when he saw Rosie.

"Rosie, this is my bestfriend, Josh. Josh, this is Rosie." Josh smiled and put his hand in front of Rosie. She shook it and she just smiled.

"Nice to meet you, Rosie. Thanks.. for this." Josh said as he gestured my papers.

"Ares.. can we talk for a minute?" I turned to Brad who's waving his hand at me. I nodded and I turned to Rosie.

"Is it okay if I leave you for a couple of minutes? You can sit at my office and wait for me.."

"Or maybe stay in my office." I turned to Mason who appeared out of nowhere.

"No." I glared at Mason.

"Screw that.. you're coming with me." I said and we walked together towards Brad.

"Ares.. we- oh.. You bring your girlfriend." He said and I just gestured him to talk. I turned to Rosie for a second to make sure that she's okay.

"About the future project that's coming up, they want you to have the meeting in Miami. Who do you want to send? or maybe you want to go?" He asked as he gave me the file about the details of the future projects. I looked at the date and turned to Rosie.

"I'll send Mason and Mel." I said.

"Uhmm.. I don't think that's a good idea." Brad said and I raised my eyebrows.

"Why not?"

"Mason and Mel.. will cause world war 3." Brad said and I chuckled.

"It's okay. He has to learn to consider other people. Just send them both and please handle things when I'm not here today. I have some important things to do." I said gesturing Rosie.

"Okay! Nice to meet you.. uhmm."

"Rosie and nice to meet you too.. uhmm, Brad." Rosie said awkwardly. I smiled to Brad and gave him a small nod before going.

"Ready to eat?" I asked Rosie.

"I want to see your.. work." She said and we stopped walking. I smiled to her and brought her to my office room. There's a big table to present my work and I let her stand beside it while I'm taking some of my works out.

I put it on the table and opened the papers letting her see my drawings. Her eyes widen and she began to see one by one. She didn't say anything but her eyes just tells everything.

"It's.. beautiful." She said in small tone.

"Thanks" I said and she suddenly took one big paper putting it on the top.

"This.. house.. it's so beautiful." She said as she put her finger on it.

"Yeah, it is. It's Axel and Stella Cesborn's house." I said and she nodded.

"You love it? Do you want to see the real life work?" I asked and she looked up to me nodding.

"Let's have lunch and see that house.. how about that?" I asked.

"Okay." She said and she took out her phone taking a picture of it.

"Let's go." She said and I put my hand out in front of her. She looked at it for a second and she slowly gave her hand to me. I smiled and we walked out from my office together.

"Are you nervous seeing new people?" I asked.

"Yeah.. I'm not good in socializing." She answered and I patted her head.

"Let's go eat Korean BBQ." I said and she nodded. We got into the car and drove a few blocks from here. I parked my car and we got out. We entered the restaurant and I can see that she's happy to go here. There's not a lot of people here because it's already 2 p.m so it's comfortable for me and her to just sit wherever we want.

"What do you usually eat?"

"Galbi, the ribs. It's the best." She said and I chuckled seeing her looking at the menu excitingly.

"You can choose.. and I'll trust you since you're a quarter Korean."

"Stop saying that, it's weird."


"That quarter Korean thing." She said and I smiled. I put my elbows on the table and rest my head on my hand looking at her.

"I'm not comfortable with you looking at me like that." She said.

"Why? You're hot." I said and her eyes widen.


"You're beautiful and your outfit.. adds everything up." I said.

"I'm not wearing revealing clothes okay? Stop acting like I'm naked or something."

"Hey.. let me tell you.. white shirt and jeans are guys' wildest dreams. We, men, love to see woman in this." I said gesturing her.

"You're weird."

"You don't believe me huh?"

"I don't because you have weird eyes and taste." She said.

"Really? What should I do to make you believe?"

"Nothing and you can't.."

"Really? What if I say that.. I really want to kiss you ever since you showed up with that." I said and she looked at me.. completely speechless.

"You believe me now?" I asked and she just ignored me. The food came and we started to grill the meat ourselves. She looked so happy seeing the meat being grilled and she ordered herself a can of beer.

"What's your plan for today? Work?" I asked.

"Nah.. just want to chill. You?"

"Me too. Let's chill together." I said and she shook her head.

"No.. not a great idea."

"Come on.. stop pushing me away." I said with a little pissed tone.

"How can I not?"

"What? Is it because what I said yesterday?" I asked and she just make herself busy by eating.

God help me find a way to.. get this girl with me tonight.

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