Everyone's Favourite Literary Virtual Pub (MoonshineNoire)

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Everyone's Favourite Literary Virtual Pub:

And though I have not set foot in this pub in a while,

I brush the dust off my old stool and plop down,

Next to me lyttlejoe raises his pint and winks,

Bill gives a smile from behind the bar,

Pushes forward a pitcher of my usual,

MystresMyna and RueChari laugh along with CottonJones,

Sat in the first booth by the ol' bookcase,

VioletEden and Ajay-Kumar wave from by the jukebox,

A bluesy tune puts everyone in a storyteller mood.

All is well and not much has changed,

The family is growing and the poetry is flowing,

And the beer is just as hoppy!

 I'd just like to thank everyone I've met through PoetsPub over the years for inspiring me and being such a wonderful online support system. Even though I'm growing less and less active on here, I still think back often to the wonderful family at PoetsPub and remember to read/write a poem every now and then... I wish I could mention you all in this poem but at least you're in it in spirit. And a special thanks to the team behind the bar x Absolute legends the lot of you.

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