Chapter 16

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(Brendons POV)

I let them choose some random restaurant. I honestly wasn't that hungry, I don't know if it was the racing thoughts or the uneasiness of knowing that Ryan wasn't gonna back down. I knew he was gonna try and ruin my life, no doubt. Just as things finally started looking up for Dal and I, of course thing a couldn't just stay okay for us. Nothing fucking new. "What're you thinking 'bout gorgeous?" I hear Dallon say and I look up.

"Ooo Dallys going for it." Frank jokes and I manage a slight chuckle. "How nothing can ever go right for us." I mumble stabbing absent mindedly at my salad that I had no plans of eating. "I thought things were pretty okay?" Dallon asks and I shrug. "Did I do something wrong? If so please tell me so I can fix it." Dallon says softly, desperation in his voice and my heart skips a beat. He cares about me. So much. I love him. "Yeah you did do something,  that bruise on his neck." Pete snickers causing a few people to laugh.

"No. Well yes, but not that. Ryan." I say and Dallon looks at me confused. "Him and I never had sex." Dallon says burrowing his eyebrows. "No wonder that kid is so angry. Hasn't ever been laid." Frank says and I snort. Okay that was a good one. "No, I don't care if you fucked him, I just, he's gonna ruin our life's. You realize that right?" I say and Dallon face drops as he softly nods. "He's gonna ruin everything for us. Everything." I say and Dallon just looks down. "Not if I can help it." I hear him say. Anger boiled in the pit of my stomach as I thought about all the things Ryan could ruin for us.

I'm sure if he had the chance again, he would've pulled my life support. I hear a roll of thunder and Dallon stands up. "Bathroom let's calm down." He says and I shake my head. "No. No fuck this okay?" I say and outside the window I could see rain start to pour. Dallon places a hand on my shoulder and I stand up, following him to the bathroom. The guys looked kinda concerned but they'll just assume I'm freaking out as always. Which technically I am but I know Dallons trying to calm me down so it didn't storm all night. Right when we get into the bathroom he pulls me in for a kiss, cupping my face with his hand as his lips moved against mine. I lean into it, savoring the moment as I kissed him back, melting under his touch.

He pulls away, and engulfs me into a tight hug. I fell into his touch, wrapping my arms around him, pressing my face into his neck. Everything was just Dallon right now and that's all I needed. Dallon. "I care about you okay?" Dallon says and I nod. "I care about you too. So much." I mumble. I feel like that was our way of saying I love you. Taking things slow though. Even though, I already knew that I was in love with him. I feel like I've always knew it even when I didn't. The bathroom door opens and I feel Dallon tense. I look up and oh my fucking god. "I told you!" I yell as I pull away from him to look at Ryan. How in the actual fuck did he find us, wait did he follow us?! "Said you wanted to fight yeah?" Ryan says and I glare at him, moving to hold onto Dallon again.

"Get the fuck out of here." Dallon says. "I'll be waiting in the parking lot." Ryan winks walking out and I go to go after him but Dallon grabs my wrist. "No, no. We're settling this. Right here. This is it Dallon. Let go of me." I say and he shakes his head. "Dallon James Weekes let go of me or so help me.." I say and rip my hand from his grip. "I'm beating his ass." I say staring at him. "You know, you're really hot when you're mad." Dallon says lowly with a smirk. "Nice try, I'm going." I say and he groans. "You're gonna get hurt." Dallon says with a frown and I shake my head pushing open the door harshly. I was gonna win. The guys all stood up when they saw me rushing towards the exit, following when Dallon said I was gonna fight.

Either A. They're gonna try to stop me or B. They're gonna cheer me on. B would be the smart option. I notice Pete was holding a piece of pizza and I would've laughed because that's so typical of him to bring pizza to a fist fight but I was so pissed I couldn't bring myself to do so. "Oh, so you hold your word? Surprising." Ryan says. It was raining hard and all of us were soaking wet now. "If I win you can't bother Dallon and I anymore at all." I say immediately and he raises his eyebrows. I push my hair back as it started sticking to my forehead. "Okay what do I get if I win?" He asks and I smirk.

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