the best is yet to come

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Thanksgiving and Christmas came in a whirlwind. Chris would be finished filming in Atlanta by the end of January. I couldn't take any additional time off from work and Chris didn't have a long enough break to fly home, so we had to wait until he was finished filming to see each other.

I still wasn't pregnant and it was hard to not be disappointed. Even though we had only been trying for a few months, I had gotten pregnant so quickly before I guess I just thought it would be that easy again.

The day in January Chris was scheduled to arrive home, his flight was delayed. I had taken the day off to pick him up at the airport but since he wouldn't be arriving until almost 8:00 at night I went over to Kirsten's after she had got home from work.

"I have something to tell you." Kirsten chewed her lip nervously.

"What? What is it?" I frowned. "You're freaking me out a little bit."

"I'm not sure how to tell you." She started.

"You're pregnant?!" I asked excitedly.

She nodded with a wince.

"KIRSTEN! That's incredible! I'm so happy for you!!" I jumped up from my seat on the couch and pulled her up into a hug.

"I know that you and Chris have been trying and I was scared it might upset you."

"Are you serious?" I pulled back to look at her. "Don't you ever feel scared to tell me anything. I couldn't be happier for you and Nate. How far along are you?"

"7 weeks. We've only known for a couple weeks. So far Nate and our parents are the only ones who know. I've wanted to tell you since the day the test was positive but..." She trailed off.

"Oh Kir." I hugged her again. "I hate that you felt that way. You and Nate deserve this. I'm truly happy for you guys."

"Thank you." She smiled at me. "It's going to happen for you guys too." She said confidently.

"Maybe." I shrugged with a smile. "But in the meantime, I'm going to be the best Auntie Bree to this little nugget." I patted her stomach gently.

"Uh Auntie and God Mother!" Kirsten grinned.

"That's right! Oh, I cannot wait to spoil this munchkin!"

I left Kirsten's for the airport and could feel the anticipation rise as I looked for a parking spot. I walked through the airport checking the time every couple minutes. His plane had landed according to the huge arrival and departures sign. I waited at the gate until people from his flight came flooding out. My eyes searched for him and when I finally spotted his NASA hat bobbing up and down, I practically took off running. He barely had enough time to drop his bag before I tackled him throwing my arms around his neck.

"Hi." My voice cracked a little as I squeezed him tight.

"Hey baby." He kissed my temple, hugging me back.

"I'm so glad you're home." I pulled back and planted a kiss on his lips.

"I'm glad to be back too beautiful." He laughed. "Let's go get my luggage so we can get out of here."

I nodded slipping my hand in his free one and wrapping my arm around his resting my head happily on his shoulder.

We got home and I threw together a quick dinner bringing it to the living room so we could watch tv while we ate.

I set our plates down on the tv trays and then plopped down next to him. He pulled me into his arms and kissed my head.

"I've missed you." He murmured.

"I've missed you too." I snuggled into him. His stomach growled loudly, and I laughed pushing myself back up from his chest. "Eat." I pointed towards his plate.

"Ok." He pouted releasing me.

"Kirsten's pregnant." I blurted out.

"She is?" Chris looked up at me. "That's great!"

I nodded, "I'm excited." I said softly.

"Are you ok?" He asked.

I nodded, "Yeah, I mean I'm disappointed that it's taking so long but it's been a crazy few months. You've literally not been here for 3 months. So even though we've had a lot of sex," I paused smiling at him, "It's just not been the right timing."

"Well I'm home now so we will have lots of time to work on it." He rubbed his hands together.

"Oh I'm going to hold you too that Mister." I leaned over kissing the side of his mouth gently.

"You won't hear me complaining."

I laughed as his stomach growled loudly again.

"But I think I'm going to eat first." He laughed.

We continued to try through February and the beginning of March. Kirsten was 3 months along and would be finding out the sex of her baby soon. We had tried to hold off shopping until we knew what she was having but it was difficult.

One afternoon in March I was driving home from work and decided to stop for a pregnancy test. I was a couple days late but since having the miscarriage I hadn't been really exact anyway. I didn't say anything to Chris about the test when I got home. Scott was in town and over our house. They were playing the X-box so I didn't bother with anything other than 'Hi' When I came in.

I took the test out of the box skipping over the directions. I knew how they worked. After peeing on the stick I let the test sit on the sink while I took a quick shower. When I climbed out I didn't even look down at it. I was so used to negative tests I didn't feel any kind of anticipation.

After wrapping my hair up in a towel and a towel around my body I looked at the test.

"2 pink lines...." I whispered. I grabbed the box out of the trash can and flipped it around searching for the results picture. "2 pink lines....I'm pregnant." I slid down on to the toilet in shock. "I'm...pregnant."

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