chapter 5: putting the pieces together

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I started to look into my uncles death. I thought about who would want to kill him all I had to do was find who he sold it to and where his resources were .

Finding who he's selling them to wads going to be tough.

"He could sell drugs to a granny of he wanted to,"

I can remember dareels exact words as if he had told me only a few seconds ago . I guess this is gonna be harder then I thought.

{The next day}

I stayed at darrel's house for a little while that day it.

"Hey dude I think I got something!" Darrel exclaimed. Darrel was the only person I told because he was my best friend and kept my secrets. After all I wouldn't want anybody to find out and have me ending up leaving my mom alone in this big awful harade we call life. That would be torture.

I looked at darrel just kind of giving him that -well-go-on- look. He told me that he knew this kid who worked in the "buisness" with him.

"We can ask him some questions but we have to find out a way that wont kill all three of us," darrel said with a voice signaling he was intrigued.

Bow I know this may not sound so big, but for me this was as big as the grand canyon.

"K man I guess I'll come back tomorrow don't want to keep your momma worried you know?" I said.

"Ya man I get you," darrel replied.

"Hey Darrel" I called.

"Yeah yea. 'Thanks Darrel you're the coolest person alive'," he mimicked.

"No not that,"

"Oh well what's up bro." He answered.

"Tell your mom she did amazing last night," I smirked.

"F_ck you man," he laughed.

I went home unprepared for the big news that was gonna impale me,crush me even. I was going to find out who killed my uncle.

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