|Episode 1|

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California, Los Angeles

Alpha publishing house. South discrete

"I'm sorry but your services are no longer needed Miss West, you've caused alot trouble for me".

"But Mr Wright it was a mistake... I thought I put it in there... I didn't mean to embarrassed you... I-"

"Enough Chicago. I won't have any of it. Go clear you desk". Mr Wright said.

"Please sir, I didn't mean to... I'll make it right... I'll do anything please, I can't afford to lose this job. It's all I have to-"


"Mr Wright-"

"Can I have your words on that?". His hard Grey eyes lustfully staring down at her.

Of course Chicago had seen this coming. One of the reasons he was letting lose of her job, he'd always lusted after her, who wouldn't__glowing purple eyes, lips as red as blood, hair as white as snow, flawless pale skin, lustrous curves adored with full round breast and the personality of an angel. But Chicago couldn't stoop so low as to get intimate with her boss to keep her job.

The fact he was handsome with eyes irresistible as a fine red wine, she couldn't call herself a whore and deduce her morals, her mother's teachings.

She thought back to her sick mother. She's been sick for four months now. Stricken with asthma, she couldn't help but worry of her mother's state of health.

She couldn't do it. She was left with two options now, standing in front of the man she'd always look up to. She couldn't help but wonder why he was doing this.

Her refusal to him and her mistake had only fueled the reason to obsolete her.

It was either get intimate with him and secure the job or walk away and lose it.

Within that spam of time Chicago hadn't realized his movement. He had rounded the table and was only a feet away when he said her name.

He grabbed hold of her arm and pulled her to him. Shaken by his approach, Chicago struggled to escape his hold but he only tightened it and held her waist with his other hand.

"Why do you do this to yourself Chicago? I'm offering you a once in a lifetime opportunity and you decide to throw it all away?" Jack whispered into her ears, his warm breath fanning against her skin only made her shudder in disgust.

"Please sir let me go... Please"

He smiled and did the opposite. He moved even closer, her body pressing against the cold smooth surface of his glass translucent door.

He whispered. "Why denial yourself such pleasure. I could give so much, more than you could ever dream of".

The thought of it, the thought of her laying with him made her feel nauseous. She couldn't help but feel so irritated at him. Such dirty words were unheard of and it was making her sick.

How could he even think that. Did he mistake her for a cheap worthless girl with no morals? He was definitely wrong if he thought that.

She wasn't a slut and she'd rather lose her job than lose her virginity to such a pig and at what cost? To keep her job?

She writhed in disgust as his words flowed into her mind.

"Mr Wright-"

"That's not my name Chicago". He had told her before and for the sixed time not to address him by his surname especially when they were alone or in public places.

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