33 .Reunion

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It was a week now since Havillah had secluded herself within the inner circle of the Central District as the town's people and those within the Hub had resulted to calling it all thanks to Gabriel and his fabulous story telling. In all that time, Selene Barrageway's condition had not changed and as the doctors had said, all they could do was to keep her comfortable as they hoped for the best while they preparing for the worst.

While both his grandmother and mother went back home, Killion chose to camp right outside the house that was really a mansion, with the hope that he could somehow catch Havillah while in transit. If not to enlist her help, to help keep her safe from the wrath of the hurricane that was Calla Barrageway. Not that she needed it, he reminisced for she had single handedly been able to beat the dragons if Connor's tales were to be believed. If the barrier thing was anything to go by, Killion also knew that Havillah was totally capable of looking after herself, but still he liked to think that even the strongest of people needed something and this something being one thing that he himself could offer her. This in turn would also mean that he also meant something to this girl, as strange as she was and that fact alone would be the thing that would comfort him as he waited for her, hour after hour, day by day until he finally saw her.

She was strange, yes. As he must have been standing there waiting there for a girl that would probably never appear or even want to see him especially after all his mother had said to her and yet, in spite of all these Killion could not bring himself to see Havillah as a person who would intentionally or maliciously harm another.

For this reason, Calla called him blind. Blind to all of Havillah's faults, but she had not been there. She had not experienced hope when every else was bleak and fading. She had never been to that point where one thought that things were ending only to be brought back by someone who did not want anything from them. Who only did what they did out of the purity of their own heart and even if she had been banished because of it, she still bore no grudge against him or at least that is what she always portrayed when she spoke to him.

"Killion?" the voice dragged him out of his haze and his reflections as his gaze lifted to stare into the warmest set of chocolate eyes he had ever seen and had thought to never to see again.

"Havillah?" he whispered not sure if his eyes were deceiving him. "You're here?" Havillah rolled her eyes at that as she emitted a slight scoffing sound.

"You're here because of Selene?" her eyes grew serious.

"Yes.... No... No!" he stumbled as he attempted to answer her. "Can it be both?" This time, the girl smiled and her eyes shone as they reflected the golden thread of her dress and the cloak she had taken to wearing. It was not as intricately finished as the first one, the robe that could change colours, but the cloak was still as luxurious and lush and even bore a close resemblance to her red and golden embroidered Triban robes. Her long raven hair was let down and unlike before,it was braided with a golden ribbon that made her look like one of the ladies that he had once seen in the books from the old times and as Killion continued to study her appearance, he realized something. Somehow, Havillah had not only managed to get inside the inner circle, but she had also managed to settle in quite nicely as well. For she looked clean and well fed. Well rested too, something that brought guilt that he had not been able to offer those things at his place and her outfit, clearly it was not one of the clothes that Selene had given her. Compared to these, those had been rags. Old clothes that his neighbours had been able to spare.

"Fine. Let's go then. You can lead the way." Havillah said as she pointed to the natural path that had formed between the buildings.

"Uhm... Okay." Killion mumbled awkwardly, swallowing his guilt as he dropped his gaze to stop himself from staring. He quickly shuffled to his feet, leaving his rock seat behind and moved to walk towards her and the said path for they were still a few feet from each other. As he came to stand beside her, he hesitated, his mouth opening and closing before he decided to shut it until the next opportune moment.

He took a step forward and she followed. Soon, they were walking side by side, but every few seconds Killion would turn and throw Havillah a sheepish look as if he was still not sure what to say her or was worried that she would somehow run off.

"This is not like you." Havillah finally remarked when the glances became too much.

"What is..." he started to say, but silenced himself when he perceived the opportunity that had just been presented to him. "How did you do it?" he finally asked in an awed whisper.

"Harm Selene you mean?" Havillah stood with a sad expression on her face.

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