Meeting New Friends

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-Chapter 3-

 When I got inside, there is a girl sitting on her bed doing her homework. The girl has mass of fiery brown curls that hang past her shoulders and somehow manage to look stylish despite being totally unruly. She looks up at me and smile.

"Kagome this is your roommate Brittany. Brittany is it okay with you. Can you show Kagome around the school?" Princess Aurielle said.

"I would be glad to show Kagome around, come Kagome." She took my hand and walked out of the room.

 Brittany shows me the cafe, the library, and the other things that in a school. But this school was different than regular schools. This school has all the walls paint with blue and white and the designs of stars and fireworks. In the library, the books were all about wizards and nothing else. The library is the biggest library that I have ever seen.

 It is time to eat. I and Brittany went to the cafe. I thought it would be gross food but it was just regular food, I was so happy about that.

"Don't worry, the food is great and it normal, like you ate before. But when you are fully changed, you eat totally different food," Brittany said.

I look around and I see the popular people in a table and all the others were all in different tables. But at this table, it has a lot of girls and they were all beautiful girls. There is a guy in the middle of all the girls. The guy has straight black hair and blue eyes like mine and he look so hot and he is totally a player. The guy just look likes Taylor Lautner in Twilight but he hotter. When I stare at him, he looks likes I have seen him before. But were have I? Oh ya, I ask him a question this morning. What was his name again? 

"His name is Kris Black, he the hottest guy in this school and the smartest one too. Come, my friends are over there at that table," Brittany said.

 I look at the table that Brittany was saying. There are two guys and three girls.

"Hi guys, this is Kagome, the new wizard that I was telling you guys about. Kagome this is Sebastian Eight, he is the one with brown hair and he's gay, by the way. That's Evan Knight, the black hair one; that's Jessica Rose, with the red hair one; Mary Jones is with blond hair and Clover Dove is with black hair," Brittany said.

 I wave to everyone at the table and sit down.

"Hi Kagome, nice to meet you," Jessica said.

"Hi," Clover and Mary said.

"Hello there," Sebastian said.

"Hello Kagome," Evan said with a smile.

 Everyone at the cafe was looking at me and Brittany friends too, but everyone start to put their hands on their hearts. I look behind me and I see Princess Aurielle. She starts to walk straight for me.

"Kagome, here is your classes for this year," Princess Aurielle said while handing me a paper. I look at the paper and it said; art, wizard, poisons, math, and gym. It wasn't that bad, I guess.

"Well I will be off now, I will see you in poisons class Kagome," Princess Aurielle said. Oh great, she one of my teachers, this is going to be fun in that class.

"Oh Kagome, I will be in the same poisons class with you," Evan said.

Oh well, least know someone in that class. But why is Princess Aurielle teaching that class.

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