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Jennie POV
Damn you Lisa, Ugh she can't stop teasing me all day, because of what she saw last night ugh.

"Hey Jennie, I buy you some new tapes, here." she said. Ugh I think I know this now.

"Lisa, Don't fool around." I said and I ignore the plastic she want to handle it for me.

"Nah, I'm not teasing you, I didn't brought dirty tapes Jennie, I brought romantic movies for you." she said while smirking.

"Make sure it's not dirty you brat." I said and I grabbed fastly the plastic and I look over the plastic.

Yah it's romantic tapes, thanked god she didn't buy those lol.

Then I look at her and she's smiling.

"Did you eat something? Because you suddenly turn in to kind person." I said.

"Nah, I just pass by into an CD shop, so I buy those before I went home." she said while drinking water.

I sigh and I stand up, I went to the kitchen and I look for some bread, then I put it in toaster.

"Your not going to something? Just bread?" she asked.

"I'm too lazy to make breakfast today Lisa, make your own if don't want mine." I said and she laugh.

"Nah, if what yours, is also mine." she said and smirk.

I rolled my eyes and she still smirking.

"stop smirking you brat." I said and she stop.

"Fine, BTW Mom wants to see you today, so you better go there early, she hates people late when it's important." she said and I nodded.

"What time? And where?" I asked.

"8:00am, at Thai cuisine." she said and I nodded.

~Time Skipped~

I came before 8:00am, I ordered something to drink and I play Nintendo in my phone.

When it's already 8:00am, I look at the front door and I saw Lisa's Mom, and she's kinda half strict and half good.

"Hi Mrs. Manoban." I said and I bow.

"I told you already, Jen to call me mom, your now wife of my daughter." she seriously said.

"Ohh yeah, I'm sorry mom." I said and she smiled.

"No need to apologise Sweetie, We're not perfect any way" she said and I nodded

"Have a seat mom." I said.

She sit and before we talk, she told me that we need to order food before we talk.

When the order came, we talk some private and non private, and she have a lot of questions that I need to answer properly.

"Aigoo, that child, she told you that I hate people late ayshh." she said.

"Haha, don't worry mom, she's kinda like that sometime." I said.

"Don't let her dictate everything to you" she said.

"I will mom" I happily said.

"Did she treat you better?" she asked.

"Yeah she is, she's kinda naughty sometimes and kinda tease person." I said and she laugh.

"You will going to used with it someday." she said and I smiled.

~Time Skipped~

I'm at home now and I'm kinda exhausted.

I'm resting at the sofa, and I saw Lisa walking towards to me.

She suddenly sit at me, like fuck, she didn't even saw me at the sofa and she sat at me.

"Get out of me Lisa!" I yelled.

"I can't hear you" she said and laugh.

"Lisa please, your hurting me" I said while pushing her.

"Beg me" she said.

"Why would I do that" I said while feeling the pain in my body.

"Coz I want you to do that" she said.

"What if I didnt do it?" I asked.

"I'm not going out of here." she said while looking at me.

"I'm gonna tell this to your mom, how cruel are you!" I said and pick my phone in my pocket.

"Eh?, fine" she said and get out of me.

I sigh and and I smiled.

"Scared to her mom blehh!" I said and she rolled her eyes.

"Ugly bitch!" she said and she throw a pillow on me.

"What did you say!" I said and I chase her.

"Catch me you freak!" she said while running stairs.

When I reached her, she suddenly kiss my lips.

I push her and I slap her, I touch my lips and I ran away.

"We're already married so we can do those Jennie!, stop acting like your not doing this to your boyfriend!" she yelled.

Then i stop running.

"Remember House rules Lisa, stop acting that we didn't talked about house rules" I said.

Then she stay speechless, I leave her and I went to my room.

I can't stop thinking, why I felt something when she kissed me.

Do I fallen for her now? Why is this happening to me.

I hold my chest and it can't stop beating so fast.

Fuck, I need to stay away from her now, I don't want to fall deeper and deeper to her.

I know she didn't like me, I need to stay away from her from now on.

I don't want to fall for her.

Lisa POV
Fuck, is she mad at me now?, ugh why Did I do that, ughh.

I want to go in her room but it's kinda awkward if she saw me.

I hold my chest and I inhale and exhale but my heart didn't stop beating so fast.

Fuck do I fallen for her?, ughh this is just a imagination lol. It will disappear soon.

I went to her room and I knocked, but she didn't open her door or give me signal so I can go inside.

"Hey?" I said.

"Stay away from me you brat!" she yelled.

"Fine!" I yelled at her too.

Tskkk, what a freak.


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