I Won't Accepted It

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-Chapter 2-

Grandma answered my question.

"This lady beside me is your mother and she is the Master of Wizard's School," Grandma said.

My mother, I didn't know my mother at all. I thought she was dead, so how can she be here and the wizard master, that means I was chosen because my mother is a wizard. OH MY GOD. Can this be happening to me? Why didn't my mother take care of me?

"What are you talking about? My mother is dead," I said.

 I run to the first door that I saw. I open the door and I am outside, where there are teenagers everywhere. Where am I? This is not my school and everyone is wearing blue clothes and has a symbol on their shirt. I went up to one of the teenagers.

"Um... where am I?" I asked.

I look up and it's a guy that I am talking to and he is a handsome guy. All the girls were looking at me, like I wasn't allowed to talk to him but I never did talk to a guy before, only this morning. He just smiled at me and said.

"You're at Wizard School, of course," the boy said.

WHAT? Wizard School? But there are so many people here that are wizard.

"Um... does everyone have a star on their hand?" I said.

The guy just laughed at me and said, "Of course not, everyone have a firework on their stomach."

But I have a star on my hand. Does that mean I am not like the other teenagers here?

The guy just pulls my shirt up to see my stomach and he look so surprise that I didn't have a firework on my stomach.

"How did you get in here and you don't have a firework on your stomach," the boy said.

I show the guy my hand and said, "I got a star on my hand, when I was born and this morning a guy touched my hand and he colored it in, which I don't know how."

The guy look so surprise that he hasn't seen a star on anyone's hand.

The Lady came outside and took my hand that the guy was touching.

"Sorry Kris, this girl is my daughter, that's why she has the same symbol as me."

Kris just put his hand on his heart and said,

"It's okay Princess Aurielle, that's why she looks like you and she is different than us."

What does he mean? That why I am different because she is my mother, I think she is.

"Now excuse me, I have to show my daughter around the school," Princess Aurielle said.

 My mother, I think, she took my hand and took me inside, and slam the door behind. She look so mad, I didn't do anything. My mother just stops and turns around to me,

"Kagome, I know that I never did take care of you but there is a reason for that."

"There is no reason for you not to take care of me. You just didn't want me, so you gave me to Grandma," I said with an angry voice.

"Kagome, of course not. I would love to take care of you but I couldn't. I have a reason but I can't tell you," Princess Aurielle said with a smile.

"That's bullshit mother. You just didn't care about me," I said.

 I run from my mother, straight to the outside door and just went to the gate, to get the hell out of here. The gate was closed and I try to open it but the gate wouldn't open.

"Come on, open up stupid gate," I was getting mad at a gate. Can this day get any worse?

"The gate won't open on its own."

I turned around and see my mother again. Would she ever leave me alone?

"What do you want?" I said with an angry voice.

"You can't leave this place. Only I can open that gate plus you are a wizard. You don't belong with the humans anymore," Princess Aurielle said.

"Why can't I leave? You can open the gate for me," I said.

"Didn't you feel sick when you were out of the school grounds? That means you need to be here because you are a wizard and if you leave the school, you will get sick again and die," Princess Aurielle said.

"Fine, I will stay but I will not accept you as my mother and don't bother calling me your daughter. I wouldn't answer you," I said.

 I walk to the door to get inside and see my grandma there. I run towards her and hug her, like I haven't seen her for ages.

"Grandma, you are staying here in this school with me," I said with a sad voice.

"Sorry Kagome, I can't stay here with you," Grandma said.

"But grandma, you are a wizard right. Why can't you?" I said.

I remember I saw a firework on my grandma stomach, a couple years ago.

"Listen Kagome, I am a wizard. But I am a full wizard. I can't stay here but you are not a full wizard, so you have to stay here until you have fully change," Grandma said.

My grandma hugs me and kisses me on the forehead, and waves goodbye. I couldn't stay here alone, I feel tears going down my cheek. It feels that I won't be seeing my grandma again. Princess Aurielle put her hand on my shoulder and said.

"You are not alone. I am here for you."

"Ya whatever," I said.

"Anyways, I will show you to your room that you will be staying at," Princess Aurielle said.

 We went upstairs to the girl's dorm area and went to the room that I'm going to stay. When we went to the door, there is writing all over the door, which it says, "GET LOST, DON'T GET TO CLOSE, YOU'RE DIED." It even said my name at the bottom. Which means it is for me and I don't even know what I did wrong. Now I remember, I was talking with that guy. Is he that popular? I guess they all hate me, like my old school that I was in. So I guess this day can get worse.

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