Can This Be Happening?

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-Chapter 1-

It's the first day of my grade 12 classes. I just turn 17 years old, my birthday is always the first day of school. It will be my last year at Diary High School and I am so happy and so sad to leave my best friend, Anne, which is going to travel after high school.

 I went to my locker and Anne is their waving at me and came running.

"Hi Kagome, how are you feeling?" Anne said.

That's right, I was feeling sick yesterday for no reason but today I am better.

"Good, did you have fun yesterday?" I said.

Anne is going out with her boyfriend for seven months now.

"It was so much fun, we kiss a lot yesterday," Anne said.

 I was happy for Anne, but when she is with her boyfriend, she changes a lot. She would get drunk, which she never did before.

"Kagome, did you know that there is a hot guy at the door, looking for you?" Anne said.

What is she talking about? I didn't know any guys. I went to the door and it was true, he is hot but why come looking for me.

"Hi, I am Kagome, Were you looking for me?" I said.

The guy just came up to me and touch my hand and out of nowhere I felt sick again.

"Come to the Wizard School, you were born as a wizard, which shows on your hand when you were a child," he said.

 I look at my hand and there it was, the star colored yellow. Why me? Why am I chosen as a wizard? My forehead was starting to hurt and I couldn't stand anymore. I fell on the ground and see Anne running to me.

"Kagome, are you okay?" Anne said.

Anne put her hand out and I couldn't take her hand. If I did, she would see the star on my hand color in.

"My forehead is starting to hurt again, so I'm going to sit here. You can go to class," I said.

My forehead is hurting so much, all I hear is my grandma voice calling me, over and over again.


 When I woke up, I'm in a room that I have never been before. I got out of the bed, my body is still hurting me and I couldn't walk straight. I got to the door and I open it, there were no one around but I could hear people talking. I walk to the voices and I look through the door and I see grandma talking to a lady that I never seen before. My legs couldn't stand any longer, I fell and I see my grandma stop talking and came running towards me.

"Kagome, are you okay?" Grandma said.

I look up and see my grandma there, standing and just looking at me, but she look so scared.

"Grandma... my... body... hurts...," I said.

The lady beside my grandma just put her hand over the star that was on my hand and my body stops hurting. What did she just do? What is this lady? Is she human?

"Um... thank you, but who are you?" I said.

The lady looks so surprise for some reason.

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