Chapter 11

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The guy just stared at me with a blank expression. "Shall we start with the questions, darling?" I just nodded my head, not wanting to speak to him. I felt chills run up and down my body. He really did scare me. "So, darling. The first question. What do you do in life?" My life? Well that's private, that is totally none of his business.

"Um what I do in my life?" I don't know if I want to tell him about that. "Yes, what do you do in your life. Like do you have a job, go to college. Etc. Something like that." Well I rather just tell him. "I go to college." He leaned against the table, not even moving a single muscle. "What college do you go to darling?" Ugh so many questions. "I go to Greenley college in Colorado." I heard a tap from the distance. He is really amusing in a way. "Well darling, your far away from where you go to college."

Well, I wonder what he means by that. "Um sir, what do you mean by that?" He didn't answer right away. Come on, I need answers. Oh wait. Did I just call him sir? No, I need to stop calling him that. My head went towards him. Well, are you going to answer or what? "What I mean by that, is that you're not in your home town."

"What do you mean by I'm not in my 'home town.'"

"What I mean is that you're in Las Vegas." Las Vegas! No, I'm too far from Colorado. "Why did you bring me here?" I said in a demanding kind of way. "Well darling. Colorado is too specific to be in. Who would hide out there? Now that wouldn't be a smart way to put it at that." I started to kick and scream. I need to. get out of here, I don't want to stay here or even be with him. I continued to scream. I screamed for help but that's impossible for anyone to hear me.

I felt a sharp thing in the side of my thigh. When I took a glance to see what it was. It was a needle half way in my thigh. I started to whimper as he injected it into me. "You little girl, are going to behave. None of your fuss. Do you understand me?"

"Yes sir. I do." I felt dizzy again. Are you kidding me? No, don't fall asleep Abigail. My head was filling up with a headache. Ugh I hate headaches. My eyes started to get heavy, I need to keep them open. Come on Abigail. I could fight this off. "Darling, do you know what I injected you with?" I slowly nodded my head, not wanting to speak to him. "Good, that will take over your body. You'll be asleep in a couple of seconds or even minutes, at the most. We'll just have to wait until that drug kicks in." He slowly started to circle me. I felt his hand brush over my skin, sending chills up my spin. There were soon goosebumps running up and down my body, just from his touch. I felt tingles through me. How could his touch do that to me?

I woke up from a bad nightmare. My fingers brushed against the white and soft sheets of the bed. How did I get here? I suddenly realized that I was in his bed. I looked down to see what I had on. I saw a lace white tank top with a backless that doesn't cover my back nor my shoulders, it clings to my body like glue, it shaped out my top body. The black shorts were a bit too snuggly, but I liked them though. Don't tell me he dressed me when I was out. Well if he did, I'm going to have to give him a good slap across his face. I slowly rose from where I was sitting. Wow. This is a big room just for one person. I walked out the door and the stairs were white marble. Wow that's beautiful. The railing of the stair way was made of pure gold.

I touched the magnificent thing. I never saw a railing made of pure gold before. I saw a glass table with a vase on it. The shape of it was almost a cylinder but when it came up to the mouth of it, it was a beautiful flower. At the ends were the petals. The faces of the vase were mixed with a variety of beautiful colors of pink, purple, and a little hint of white. They swirled up together.

I started to explore the house. It was beautiful and big. I guess it's a mansion, and this guy must be very rich and wealthy, but the thing that I don't understand is why would he want a poor not wanting girl? When I got down the steps, I saw every furniture was white, that must be very expensive. I heard footsteps coming from the distance. It sounded like he was coming towards me. I slowly made my way across the living room. Oh no, he's probably going to hurt me. I ran on the other side of the coach, hiding behind it. I heard the footsteps that stop. Then I heard him speak, his voice sends me chills when he speaks. "I know you're behind that couch darling." I heard him chuckle a little. I peeked over the coach a little. When I looked at him, he didn't have his dark clothes on anymore. He was so drop-dead gorgeous, but his face looked familiar. "Miss me, Darling?"

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