Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

            Daxton was in deep shit. He knew it the second he walked into the building the next day and saw Kamree. She had the phone next to her ear, a slightly annoyed and frustrated expression on her face. But damn, she still looked beautiful in her light purple blouse. And that black pencil skirt she usually wore probably adorned her waist. It should be a sin to look that good.

            Eventually, she'd be all his.

            That night he stayed at work late and walked into her in the men's restrooms had to be the most perfect night of his life. Not only did he get to see how adorable she could look while flushed and embarrassed, but he found out the biggest information of his whole life.

            Kamree Philips would be the woman he'd marry. She was his mate.

            She'd sang a Danika Leighton song as he'd walked into the room. Before he even knew who it was, he knew by the absolute breathtaking tone that whoever came out of the stall would be his. He could feel it.

            Even now, as he walked toward the assistant's desk and said hello to Becca, his father's assistant, he could feel it. Like the Pied Piper calling to him, beckoning him closer.

            Kamree bit her lip as Daxton leaned against the counter. Her eyebrows drew in and she frowned in concentration. A pen balanced, tottering carefully on her third finger, ready to take notes.

            "Of course, Sir." She twirled the pen in between her fingers. Her face dropped further. The pen stopped.

            Daxton's alertness rose. Who was on the other side of the line?

            "Yes, Sir." Kamree swallowed, then arranged her features into a fake smile. "Thank you, Sir."

            "What's wrong?" Daxton asked the second she put the phone down.

            Kamree jolted, "Mr. Cavenaugh, good morning." She gave a small, distracted smile. Behind her eyes, he could watch as her thoughts ran through her mind. As if only a piece of her was fully present.

            Daxton nodded his reply. "Who was on the other line?"

            Kamree slowly moved her gaze off the desk and onto him. "Your father."

            Unintentionally, Daxton tensed. "What did he want?"

            She shrugged. "He wants me to stay late today."

            It was Daxton's turn to frown. But what caught him most by surprise and amped up his confusion was Becca's understanding look.

            "Do you...have a previous engagement?" If she said yes, that she had a boyfriend...Dear Lord, what if she DID have a boyfriend. Aces were known to do that. Even if they weren't mates.

            "No." His shoulders relaxed. "Just a small conflict." She turned to Becca. "Becca, will you be able to—"

            "Done and done."

            Kamree relaxed, sending a relieved smile at Becca. What did he have to do to get a smile like that? "Thank you so much."

            "Is there anything I can help with?" Daxton offered.

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