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Hey guys thank you all for your feedbacks and for all your support on my book 'The billionaire want me♡'. Some of your comments really touched me and motivated me to write this book. The sequel of 'The billionaire wants me♡'... 'Falling For Him.♡'

I did reply to some of the comments that i could and i will be giving some shoutout at the end of the book.

Haters are gonna hate but i won't care. If you don't like my work just do not read it. I'm sure there are some other book out there that you will like, so why wasting time on mine.

And also, after publishing all the chapter in this book, i'll be editing 'The billionaire wants me♡'. It will take time so please bear with me.

The first few chapters can be really boring and there might be some mistakes too. But please bear with it, i promise it get better after.

I really hope you enjoyed this book as much as you like 'The billionaire wants me♡'. Don't forget to follow me to get notified when i will be posting new chapters or new books. If you like the chapter please don't forget to vote and comment. It really means a lot.

Love ya

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