Chapter 5: The Realisation

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"You are being ridiculous. It's just stupid and doesn't make any sense whatsoever."

She stared hard at him. She had a way of looking intense even with a blank expression. That was a trick Viaan wanted to learn. He was sure anyone could read his feelings just by a single look of his face. He never had to suppress his feelings so he had no idea what the girl before him had faced. He trusted her because she knew how he felt and she never told him what to do but she gave him time to grieve. She waited till he wanted to talk and didn't pressurise him. All his new acquaintances did that. He wasn't ready to talk to anyone yet. He knew what he lost, but he didn't know how to cope with it. He had lost his father at a very young age and he had his family to take care of him then. He couldn't say the same now. He had to take action now. He couldn't afford to be weak and out of wits now. His mother knew something and she sacrificed her life for the very same thing. He couldn't let it go to waste by being unresponsive. He could cry all he wants when he was alone in the confines of his room. But outside, he was a prince who would bring justice. He wouldn't be coddled anymore from the harsh truths and evil lies.

"You think I'm not making sense but I think I'm making complete sense. You don't know anything about magic. It's like you had some sort of barrier in your kingdom. Why wouldn't your magic act up once it is free? You practised with Vidyut. I don't think you knew what was your ability in that practice. Your magic acts when you don't. People don't realise that. It's kind of involuntary reaction. Why don't you focus on this fact?"

Viaan moved towards the side of the building which had a staircase. It looked rusty but was neat enough. The buildings were suffering from wear and tear and there was much to repair. It looked like they were ignored which was something Viaan thought very odd. The other thing was that the street was empty even though it was a part of a busy bustling street. He sat on the railing of the staircase very carefully. He was ignoring what she had said. He would never believe that he had some kind of different unknown power. He was baffled when she had said enhancer. He was okay at best when he tried that exercise with Vidyut. It was true no one practised magic in Mihira. There was no specific rule but people relied on their hard work there. He never had to use magic or he was never told about the magic. He didn't know which was the case. His parents never talked to him about magic, how was he to know?

"Maybe it's a misunderstanding. That can happen too."

She turned away and focused on the empty dumpster. She was so focused that Viaan started blaming himself. He worried that he said something and upset her. Granted he did say something stupid. He was being arrogant but he had no other alternative.

"You will believe when you see what I see. I don't want to argue and let's get out of here before it becomes more quiet." She abruptly said.

Her every word was more confusing than the previous one. He wanted so much to ignore that but her answer felt ominous to him. She didn't tell anyone about his plight and she put the herbs and everything else in the cabinet. She later signaled him to follow to the Chief's room. She explained how they fought off those warriors and based on Adhyay's expression, he noted that it was a normal incident to them.

"Thanks for not telling," he told her when they were dismissed.

She shrugged.

"It wouldn't be effective if you continued to disagree. When you figure out about it, we can talk. And trust me, I know many things which no one knows. I have been on my own for a long time and I saw many terrible and horrifying things. Yours was a surprise, but I shouldn't have not expected that. Knowing your family, you had to be special."

What did the last sentence mean? Viaan was puzzled over it for the most of the afternoon and evening. He was glad that no one disturbed him  because they thought he needed rest and alone time. He did need that. He used that time to think and remember what he didn't notice the day he saw his mother for the last time. His eyes always filled with tears when he thought that. He sat down and looked outside the window into the vast endless green forest bathed in the light if the setting sun. Soon people would light lanterns to welcome the moon. He immensely liked the way people believed in gods and how they never wavered from their faith. His people welcomed the sun God every morning and the people here did the same for the moon God. Faith was the most powerful thing he knew. He believed he had to know the truth and redeem himself and to unveil the murderer. He couldn't do that by sitting around and moping. He needed all the help he could get. He got up and searched for Nairiti. She was the best person who could guide him. Even if it meant, he had to listen to her theory about his magic, he wasn't backing down. He searched for her everywhere and someone from the cooking room told him that she was outside. He saw her waiting in the moonlight and seeing the lantern floating away from her.

"I honor every tradition. Each has its meaning. This is for my family."

Viaan was standing there speechless. She knew it was him and she willingly answered the question without him questioning her.

"You were so young then?"

She never looked at him. The lights were mesmerizing and his eyes followed many lanterns floating away in the cool breeze.

"I was the youngest. I had an elder sister. She saved me. She put me in a boat and ran back to my mom and dad. I knew what was happening but I couldn't do anything. That day never leaves me. It was the last day of the kingdom I knew as Velika. The morning made it a new kingdom, one which had no royal family."

Viaan felt the pain she felt on a normal basis. She didn't hide it, it was very much clear in her eyes. But no one understood it. His heart ached for the little girl who lost her family, the girl who lived on her own, the girl who now fought soldiers to avenge her family. She never lost hope. She was helping him and he was grateful for that. He promised himself that he would never abandon her and help her the same way when time came.

They stood there watching the lanterns and their beautiful lights for a long time before Vidyut came calling for them for dinner. He was followed by an another guy whose name Viaan didn't remember. Nevertheless, he followed them and vowed to don something about his life and get it under control.

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