Chapter 9

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Silence falls on the studios as Amanda appears on studio, taking her place next to Polly and vowing that she'll get her revenge on TWICE in the name of Middle Point. Everyone is surprised, except Braulia, who, probably, saw this coming.

Polly: Oh, what a surprise! Amanda Fielding from Middle Point is here. Have you got something to say to our loving audience?

Amanda: Oh, yes. I'd like everyone to know what TWICE actually are.

The production plays a slideshow featuring video footing of Jeongyeon and Momo's prank, as well as the entire group's outbursts at Middle Point. The videos, however, are completely out of context.

Amanda: See? This is what they are! Don't be fooled by their cutesy looks. They're actually snarky bitches.

Viola: It can't be possible! Braulia told me so many-

Janine: Save it, Vi. There's clear evidence that TWICE are not as nice and outgoing as they seem. They're just a bunch of backstabbing, conniving bitches!

Nayeon: Excuse me?

Jeongyeon: When I heard you blabber on TV a couple of nights ago, I thought you're bad, but now I know you're even worse live!

Janine: How dare you, you little bitch!

Polly: Anything else you've got to say, Amanda?

Amanda: No. I'm done. My job here is done, anyway.

Mina: What do you mean?

Tzuyu: Did that dumb blonde brat send you here or was it your sexist manager?

Amanda: None of your business, darling.

Kaitlyn: Actually, it's everyone's business, love. You're airing live, you know?

Amanda: I'm not stupid!

Momo: It looks like you are, though. Hahaha!

Amanda: Don't you think you'll get away with what you did. Your reputation is doomed, sweethearts.

???: Not so fast.

This time, Leiann pops out among the audience. She makes her way to the center of the studio, pushing Amanda off and blushing as she realizes that a camera is pointing straight at her.

Amanda: What are you doing here? You're no longer part of Middle Point, so go back to where you belong.

Dahyun: (stands up) Hey! Don't talk to her like that!

Leiann: Thank you for the support, Dahyun, but I can handle this bitch.

Polly: Ladies and gentlemen, Leiann Pelishek! Now, we've just been informed that you left Middle Point last night. Do you want to sit down and tell us why?

Daisy: That'd be interesting.

Amanda: Oh, it's simple. Lenzie and I got her kicked out. She betrayed us.

Polly: What do you mean?

Sana: That she's lying, of course.

Amanda: When our hotel room got all messed up, she, instead of defending us, preferred acting nice with these midges.

Leiann: I told you once already, Amanda, don't call them midges again!

Amanda: You can't tell me how to call them. They are midges, after all.

Leiann: Amanda, I'm sick and tired of your bullshit! Stop throwing other people under the bus to make yourself look good for once!

Amanda: That's not true! It's you who changed sides as soon as we met them.

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