Reid's Splendid Summer Of Crisis

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Started on: 15th May, 2019
Finished on: 17th May, 2019

Word count: 11, 484

PS, the next book in the series is "Side Effects Of Having An Idiotic Best Friend" and yes, it's Simon and Oliver's story :)

The rest of the summer was beautiful. Reid tried to understand genderfluidity as much as he could. It wasn't the fact that he was a good guy, he was selfish and he loved Taylor so he tried to understand genderfluidity as much as he could. Confusing Connie and Xena for a few days was fun. They cooed at him when Taylor visited Reid and he had kissed him. They were so confused when Taylor came in dressed as Luna. Reid loved the look on their faces. They'd asked him if he was cheating on Taylor. Xena had almost punched him. Taylor found it safe to come out to them.

Simon and Oliver hadn't told Reid how they had gotten together and he kept pestering them much to the amusement of Taylor. Oliver was the shy smol bean even though he was giant. Their relationship seemed to make him really cute and shy. Reid kept saying I told you so and once Oliver got so annoyed that he had stuffed Reid's mouth with an old sock.

Reid loved watching Taylor read his books. Sometimes, Taylor would read to him and he had to keep himself from kissing Taylor. Taylor rarely used they/them pronouns and Taylor didn't always dress as Luna. It seemed his genderfluidity wasn't as much of a presence as it seemed with most genderfluid people. If that made any sense. Taylor and Reid walked Taylor's puppy that he apparently had adopted as Luna. The puppy seemed to love Reid which was a relief to him because he still hadn't managed to make Chip like him.

Taylor and him loved going to the beach. They were playing around in the sand one day, kissing each other and dunking the other into the water when Taylor screamed "The birdmen are coming!"

Reid blinked at Taylor and gaped. He had believed that Taylor knew nothing about that.

“You knew?”

Taylor laughed at look on Reid's face. It took him a long time to calm down.

“Our relationship is built on lies.” Reid shook his head and walked away dramatically, “I don't even know who you are anymore.”

“I'm the same Taylor you liked when we were kids, Reid!” Taylor replied right back just as dramatically Reid had said.

Reid tried not to smile and walked over to Simon and Oliver who were tanning.

“Taylor knew about the whole birdmen thing.” He huffed and Simon choked out a laugh.

“The entire planet knows about that, Reid. Tell me something new.” Oliver replied as Taylor ran up to them.

“Sorry, babe.” He mumbled and pressed a kiss to Reid's mouth who pouted again, “I'm still confused about how a person like you could go out of control.”

“You clearly haven't seen his weird side.” Simon responded, “Like the time he shaved a 'R' on Mrs. Finkle's dog.”

What?” Taylor asked guffawing.

“The dog's name was Rory.” Reid mumbled, “I was kid. Gimme a break.”

“Um, Reid, you were sixteen.”

“I was young!”

As Taylor was laughing, Reid felt happiness surge through him. The summer of '17 was supposed to be cool and glorious full of parties and bikini clad girls. Even though it was covered with bird poop, dog puke and cat scratches; Reid was happy that he found Taylor. Reid Cathwell's Splendid Summer Of Crisis had ended and he'd look forward to spending many more summers, winters and falls with Taylor. He'd have no problem living through everything as long as he had the spectacled, adorable Taylor and gorgeous Luna with him. He loved all sides of Taylor and cherished him.

“I love you.” Taylor whispered into Reid's ear as he smiled. Simon and Oliver made a handful of sand at them, gagging at their display of affection.

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