Chapter 3: The Rescue of Hinata

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It's been 3 years since that moment. Naruto just entered the Academy. It was late during the night. He had just left training Fuinjutsu with Jiraiya. When he heard that Hinata was kidnapped by a Kumo Jounin, who plausibly had Chunin back-up. Naruto got pissed. He was royally pissed. He loved Hinata, but he would never say it out loud. He was to say it. Naruto sent wave after wave of chakra pulses, to find Hinata.

He found out he is a Sensor Type. the masked boy found out many thing about his clan from his birth mother. In his Inheritance his mother gave Naruto the whole history of their clan, the Uzumaki's. He knew everything. It was written in the scrolls he found, that most Uzumaki's where Sensor Types. He also unlocked the Uzumaki's Kekkei Genkai, the Adamantine Attacking Chains, and the Adamantine Sealing Chains. When Kurama say this he got angry. He was really pissed. Naruto say this, and told him he'd never use them on him, never ever. Well could you blame the fox. He was held against his own will with those chains.

Soon after sending the chakra pulses, he found Hinata's chakra. He followed her chakra, along with the Jounin, and the three Chunin. Naruto then knocked out all of the Chunin, with a chop to the back of the neck. The Jounin then looked behind him, to see none of the Chunin. He kinda got worried. He didn't know that Konoha knew that Hinata was taken. And that was when the Jounin saw the crimson slitted eyes, much like a fox would have, staring back at him. Naruto released KI at the Jounin. He buckled under the pressure, and realized he was afraid of a seven year old kid. Naruto launched at the Jounin, with both hand back, his nails more like claws extending from his fingers. Once close enough to the Jounin, and sliced at the ninja's face. The jounin didn't have enough time to dodge the slash. He didn't expect the claws to be that sharp or long, and died. Naruto got Hinata out of the sack she was in. He saw that Hinata was unconscious, picked her up bridal style, and made his way to the Hyuga Clan Compound.

Soon after, Hinata woke up to see Naruto carrying her. Hinata blushed. She didn't think that Naruto saw, but he did. Noticing here blush, Naruto also blushed, but the mask hid it from the rest of the world. Naruto looks down at her, and says, "I'll protect you, Hinata-chan."

Hinata blushes once again. Hinata asks, "Why, don't you think my eyes are creepy? What about my lavender hair is ugly?"

Naruto looked at Hinata, and saw that she was crying. He says, "No! Your eyes, and hair are perfect. Hinata you are beautiful, and I love you."

Hinata was shocked. She didn't think he like her. Hinata let a squill out. She was happy. Hinata not being shy for the first time in her life says, "I love you too."

Naruto smiled. He knew she like him. He also knew she was way too shy to admit it. For the first time since he put the mask on, he exposed his face. Naruto leaned down, and placed a kiss on her cheek. He sees the blush, and hears the stutter, and playfully says, "Their it is." Alluding to Hinata's shyness.

After a couple of hours, they made it to the compound. When Naruto made it to the guard. The guard yelled at the boy to get away, but Naruto says, "I just saved Hinata Hyuga, the clan heir, from from four Kumo ninjas. One Jounin, and three Chunin."

Hiashi just got back to the compound, and heard what the boy had said. He spoke up, and said, "Let the boy in." Hiashi said it in a tone that said no arguing was aloud.

The guard just nodded, and let the boy through the gate along with Hiashi. Naruto followed the Clan head. After a few minutes, they entered the main house. Naruto set hinata down, and continued to follow the Clan Head. They had entered what he thought was Hiashi's office. His thought proved to be right when Hiashi told him that they were in his office, and wanted to speak with him. Hiashi asks, "What is your name?"

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