Reid's Confusion Doubled

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The kiss was a shock, to the both of them at first. But then, kiss became rushed and intense. Taylor was the one to take the lead and Reid was shocked about that. Taylor's hands were firmly cupping Reid's cheeks while his hands had found Taylor's hair. There was sand everywhere and Reid knew he would regret it later but for now the kiss was all that mattered. Taylor tasted like the sea, salty but since he was sure he also tasted the same way and Taylor didn't seem to care, so he didn't care either. Reid pushed Taylor just a little, Reid was the first to moan and Tay smiled against Reid's lips smugly. The thunder seemed to be the last thing on Reid's mind as he pulled away from the kiss. They took a breath, looking into each other's eyes before diving back in for another kiss. Taylor ran his hands on Reid's bare chest and Reid suddenly snapped out of the daze pushing Taylor away.

Taylor looked at Reid utterly confused. His hair was all messy thanks to the salt water, sand and Reid's fingers. Reid almost freaked out but he still felt high from the kiss that he just stared ahead and was suddenly aware of the rain pattering against the car. The cold also set in and Reid silently switched on the heater. He ran his fingers through his hair and cringed when sand fell out of his hair. He was sure that there was sand even in his buttcrack and he sighed. Taylor was obviously waiting for Reid to say something.

"Reid––" Taylor began and Reid held up his hand.

"Just a sec, Tay. I need time to just–" Taylor nodded and waited.

Reid needed to get his thoughts straight. It wasn't that he didn't like Taylor but he couldn't be unfair to him.

"Taylor, I just––"

"You don't need to freak about the kiss." Taylor whispered and Reid felt like an asshole, "Is it because you're straight?"

"No, it's not that Taylor, I have been confused ever since I saw you." Taylor smiled.

There was a silence again. Reid almost jumped out of his seat at the thunder and Taylor cooed at Reid helping him calm down. The sky was clearing slowly and it was already over eight. He wondered if he shouldn't say anything about Luna. Maybe, keeping quiet was the best way to deal with this. But he didn't want to have something with Taylor if it was built on lies. That wasn't how relationships worked. The feel of Taylor's lips on his and their fingers laced together was bliss. Reid had almost broken down during the kiss.

He had almost broken down because he was relieved, all the sexual tension, his confusion over his sexuality; everything had crashed down and he felt so happy but now he was freaking out about something.

"Does this mean you're gay?" Reid asked Taylor trying to distract himself.

Taylor shook his head and smiled at Reid.

"I'm pansexual." Taylor responded knowing that Reid was trying to take his mind off the kiss, "But I don't really do labels."

There was this annoying silence but this time Reid took a determined breath. Taylor seemed to be distracted, though.

"I have something to tell you." Both of them said at the same time.

They both chuckled at how serious they sounded and laughed it off awkwardly. Taylor seemed nervous. Reid was almost on a full blown panic because he was afraid that Taylor wouldn't understand why they couldn't start dating right away.

"You go first." Taylor said and Reid was relieved. He couldn't keep it to himself anymore. He'd burst out if he did/

"I like someone else." Taylor's eyes widened.

"You don't like me then?" There was a little disheartened tone that made Reid happy because it was little confirmation that Taylor liked him back just as much as Reid liked him.

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