Forbidden by Nature

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<P><STRONG>Chapter 1: The Angel</STRONG></P>

<P>Soon. Soon I will be out of here. Soon I can be free and leave in peace. </P>

<P>I tell myself that every morning after I wake up, and this morning was no different than every other fifty-two weeks in the year, with the small exception of that it was raining steadily outside my window. It doesn't rain much in Charleston. I look at my watch. 6:23 AM. I know that as soon as I get up, I will regret my decision. Despite myself, I pull off the covers, warmed from my body heat, and tentatively set my feet on the ice cold floor. I then drag myself to get ready for the day ahead of me. I mean to take a quick shower, but I take more time than necessary since the warm water feels so good against my frigid skin. I make myself get out of the comfort of my shower and dress quickly. I never pay too much attention to my clothes and today is no different. I finish quickly so I can leave as soon as possible.</P>

<P>I tiptoe down the stairs, careful to avoid the steps that creak. I don't even stop to get breakfast, but despite my precautions, they are wasted. I am caught. Red hot fear snakes its way into my stomach as I feel a rough hand on my shoulder.</P>

<P>"Where are you going?" A voice demands, huskily and a bit slurred. I can smell strong liquor. I am not suprised.</P>

<P>I work up my courage. "School. You know, where kids go to get an education so they can earn a living and not bum money off of their wives." I know I will regret my words. I was right. No sooner had the words left my mouth than I felt a cold hard slap across my face. My face begins to sting and throb. I hear him laughing at my pain.</P>

<P>I can't take him anymore. My anger swallows any fears of the brawny six foot-five inches man standing over me. I take advantage of his moment of distraction and jerk my knee to his groin. He doubles over in pain and I take the opportunity and run out to my car. I yank the door open, my breathing ragged and I don't begin to calm down until I am out of the driveway and out of my neighborhood. </P>

<P>The rain is coming down harder now and I feel the tears starting to cascade down my face.</P>

<P>Just when I thought nothing could get anyworse. My car suddenly jerks to a stop. My car isn't brand new, but it's certainly not old enough to just stop. Something must have hit it. </P>

<P><EM>Great.</EM> I think to myself. Just one more thing I have to deal with. Now I will be late.</P>

<P>"What the hell?" I wonder aloud when I get out to examine my car. There is a huge dent in the front that came from nowhere.</P>

<P>It started to rain harder.</P>

<P>I feel like kicking my car. Then, as if out of nowhere, a car pulls over and stops behind mine. It's raining too hard to see who it is, but I can tell it's a guy. I start to panic. What if he is a phsyco murderer who preys on innocent young girls like me? I had pepper spray in my purse, bu my purse was in the car. </P>

<P><EM>Damn it. </EM></P>

<P>He comes closer and I can make out his face. My breathing abruptly stops short. This boy is beautiful. I stare at him even knowing he can tell. He has amber eyes and blonde hair that is glistening from the rain falling on him. His face is beautiful. Every line, every inch is flawless. I can tell, even through is black jacket, that he has a perfect body. One that anyone, any guy, would kill for. </P>

<P>"Do you need help?" The angelic creature spoke. His voice floated to me like a melody written soley for me. </P>

<P>When I don't seem to answer, he cocks his head and grins at me. I am floored, but I force myself to speak. </P>

<P>"Y-yes. My car just stopped. And it won't start." I stuttered and blushed. </P>

<P>Instead of answering, he comes towards me. I could almost hear my heart hammering in my chest. When he comes just inches from my face, his eyes close. Is he..smelling me? I am too scared to say anything. When he eyes flutter open, I see that they are not amber, but a bright and vivid scarlet. I almost jump back, but I feel a strange attraction to this angel. He looks so intense at me that I lower my gaze. </P>

<P>"Lovely" He mumurs. "I do hope this won't hurt you too much." </P>

<P>My head snaps up, but before I can do anything, his lips are at my throat and I hear a small tearing sound. I gasp and my head feels dizzy.</P>

<P>Then it goes black. </P>



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