hotel room thoughts

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i am currently at the beach on a school trip and I'm lying in the hotel room with nothing to do so I thought it apt to document my thoughts because I don't know, I have literally nothing better to do.

-there is a picture of a sea turtle on the wall and it look like it is looking straight into your soul contemplatively, this unnerves me greatly

-I hate sleeping in the same room with other people because they like different sleeping conditions than you and them everyone always fights

-my nose is still broken

-do you think that if there's life on other planets they wonder about us? Like? Do they know about our existence? Hm

-i am having an internal dilemma on whether or not to get up and get my notebook

-why do I always feel so insignificant compared to my friends

-I wish I could be friends with Oscar Wilde

-why did Shrek even become a meme? that makes no sense why did any memes become memes

-liar liar by oh my girl slaps SO hard

-who came up with the words for things, why did we name them that

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