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0.06 ; what i am here for

When I wake, the light is shining in through the windows. I rub the sleep out of my eyes and throw my duvet off of my bed, causing it to tumble to the floor. I don't attempt to pick it up or sort out the bed: there's bound to be avoxes on this train, they'll do it all for me. My dress from yesterday is hung over the closet handles, and I put it back on, seeing as it doesn't look too bad. Then, I tie my hair into a ponytail, and make my way into the main carriage.

Tallulah is sitting at the table, eating some kind of Capitol delicacy, and Crystalline, Brutus and Cato are in the middle of what sounds like some kind of survival and combat skills debate. I clear my throat as I enter, and four heads turn to face me.

"Morning Clove" says Crystalline, smiling brightly "Come join us! We could do with another person's views! At the moment I'm outnumbered by the two killing machines!"

I laugh when I see Cato's reaction. He scowls in disgust and folds his arms over his chest, trying to look more like a 'killing machine' but actually resembling Chryssi when Miss Cointoyke won't let her out in the garden. Just the thought of Chryssi causes my heart to lurch inside my chest, but I manage to swallow the lump in my throat, and I go and sit down next to Crystalline on the sofa, in an attempt to get to know her better. She is my mentor after all, and her not liking me would probably mean my death, so I better get my act together.

"So" I ask, slumping on to the sofa "What are we arguing about over here?"

"Well," replies Crystalline "I was just saying how much survival skills matter when you're in the arena! But these two idiots think that grabbing a sword and killing as many people as possible is the best way of winning! Can you back me up here?"

"Well," I begin, racking my brains in search of some hidden survival knowledge "Going straight into the cornucopia battle and grabbing the first weapon you see is a good idea, but what happens when you have no food or water and you have to hunt? And what about building fires? Tree climbing could come in useful too! Don't overlook survival skills, they could be the difference between life and death. That is why they are called survival skills. Surviving means staying alive, and that is what you want to do isn't it?"

I'm actually pretty pleased with my survival rant, and, it seems, Crystalline is too. She smirks at Brutus, and laughs at his ugly scowl. Cato seems happy, though not at Brutus, he looks towards me when Crystalline shouts, and he smiles. 

"Right, so, now with that all cleared up, lets watch the other district's reapings over breakfast!" shouts Tallulah from her spot at the table. The four of us go and join her, and I sit at my usual place beside Crystalline, sipping a cup of black coffee, munching on some kind of delicious pastry. Tallulah turns on the television, and the Capitol anthem begins to play. Then they go through the reapings, one by one. 

From district 1, the boy and girl both look to be careers. Marvel and Glimmer. Although Glimmer looks pretty 'blonde airhead with no skills' to me. Then it shows me, walking up to the stage, my face a completely indifferent mask. Then Cato volunteers and the crowd cheers, but the cheers are silenced as he raises our arms together. I look towards him, sitting opposite me, but he isn't paying any attention to the television. District 3 is insignificant. District 4 churns out a career girl who looks like she'd be quite useful and a 12-year-old boy that, I'm pretty sure, won't make it past the first day. The girl from 5 appears to be sly and cunning, definitely not someone to ignore, but then again, not someone to form an alliance with either. 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 all look useless. The boy from 11 is huge, like some kind of giant, and the girl is his complete and utter opposite, tiny and timid. The girl from 12 volunteers for her little sister. I know why she did it. I would volunteer for Chryssi any day. Her fellow district 12 tribute looks pretty strong, could be useful, but not in the way of alliances. He is from 12, we don't mix with them.