💚Chapter one💙

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I wrote this story three years ago and had inspiration to post it here. This is mpreg so if you dont like dont read.

Third pov:

The boys were in the middle of their OTRA tour and tonight was the last show for the year,minus some interviews and they were ecstatic. They love what they do and the fans but they deserved the break. They have done four tours and four albums and they decided it was a good time to take a break to travel the world and see their families and friends.

The boys were all getting hooked up to their mics and changing clothes before they headed out on stage, ready to sing their hearts out for one last time and give it their all to the fans because they deserved it.

Liam and the others were all hooked up and ready to go but Harry stayed back a bit and Louis realized something was wrong with his boyfriend/bandmate.

“Haz, you okay?” Louis asked, his voice laced with concern as he stood next to Harry.

“Yeah I just feel a bit dizzy and sick to my stomach, that’s all. I’ll be fine." Harry lied.

Louis just nodded and walked with Harry to the stage. Harry was lying. He had felt like this for the past few days but didn’t want to worry the boys, especially Louis, so he kept to himself. He figured he was just getting the flu that Niall had a week ago.

The music started and it pumped them up. They started off with the song Perfect from their new album Made in the Am and Niall and Liam were fooling around as usual. Louis occasionally joined them but Harry was a bit out of it. He felt like he was going to be sick. As Niall sang his line Harry couldn’t hold it in anymore. He ran off stage as he held his hand to his mouth. He heard Louis calling his name in the background which he ignored on the way to the bathrooms.

Once Harry reached the bathrooms he emptied the contents into the toilet bowl and he felt a hand rubbing his back as he continued to throw up.

“I think I caught the flu from Niall,” Harry stated, leaning his head against the wall.

“I think so too love. How long have you been feeling like this?” Louis asked as he got a cold washcloth to put on Harry’s face.

“Thank you, I feel-," Harry couldn’t continue as another wave of nausea hit him and he puked once more. Louis rubbed his back.

“Harry I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to go back out there, we need to schedule a doctor's appointment for you," Louis instructed.

“Okay," Harry said. No use in fighting with Louis.

Louis went to go tell the lads what was going on and that he was going to have Harry see a doctor right away.

After Louis told the boys what was happening the show continued on and the others came back sweaty and faces red from adrenaline but worried about their bandmate.

“How are you feeling mate?” Niall asked, sitting next to Harry on the dressing room couch.

“Like I got hit by a bus,” Harry said truthfully, Niall chuckling lightly.

“You look it.” He joked.

Once everyone was cleaned up and on the tour bus they headed straight to the hotel so everyone could rest. They planned on taking Harry to the doctors in the morning,but first had to tell Simon.

Louis and Harry got a key card from the manager of the hotel and went for their room, wanting to rest and get Harry to sleep.

Once in the room Harry went straight to the bed and was out like a light. Louis cuddled up next to his boyfriend with worry written all over his face.

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