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11. What's the truth ?
Hazel Michelson

It's normal for people to look alike I'm sure there's a perfectly logical answer for what I saw

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It's normal for people to look alike I'm sure there's a perfectly logical answer for what I saw. Research shows that there are at least 7 people who looks very similar to you maybe that was it, it had to be.

That had to be his reason, there's no way that could be him in that picture that was taken decades ago. I know Noah is probably locked away coming up with theories but I'm not buying into any of that. I've been working on my montage for hours just to keep myself distracted but somehow the thoughts still manifested. What made it worse was that he and I finally agreed on going out and by the looks of it I probably should start getting ready.

I was completely surprised that he came forward told me to ignore his last message and took charge. He decided on everything, even though I like when my voice is heard I also love it when a man can take initiative and make the first move. I was relieved that I finished just in time as I heard the horn blow.

I quickly jogged down the flight of stairs running into dad, which was completely unexpected. He has been working overtime for these couple of past days and I could understand why since the town wasn't exactly at ease despite the recent arrest.

"Where are you going?" He said with a raised brow as he looked at my outfit, "Plus you got makeup on so I know this ain't just anywhere"

"I'm gonna hang with Tyler, it's no big deal" I was praying he didn't start doing the most.

"No big deal huh?" He said walking over to the window "Why don't you invite him in, I'd love to get a few words in"

"Dad please, not right now. Just save me the embarrassment" I whined, as I watched him walk over to the door pulling it.

I could see Tyler walking approaching the door and I was already dying on the inside at what my dad probably says to him.

"Don't be shy come on in" He greeted.

"Dad seriously this isn't necessary" I mumbled under my breath flicking my hair in frustration.

"Good night, how are you?" Tyler greeted as he stuck out his hand for a shake which my dad surprisingly gave.

"What plans do you got for my daughter?" He went right into it.

"Well my family insists that I carry at least one of my friend over so we're going to have dinner then catch a movie how does that sound?" He smiled as he maintained an intense focus on my father, dad eyes were completely locked in on him but it's almost as if he wasn't even here anymore.

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