What does the Pub mean to me? (NehpetsEnal)

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What does the Pub mean to me?

What does the Pub mean to me, well that's an interesting question?

What does it mean if you don't give a truthful answer?

What would it mean if I sat here and eulogized and wrote words just because they flattered?

What would it mean if I wrote words for those to whom only the truth mattered?

So, let's concentrate on the truth.

So, let's look back to a time before I became part of this family and ensure I write nothing but the truth.

Each week they threw down the gauntlet and like a literary rodent for the right words, I would scavenge.

Each week I rose to meet the Pubs ever-changing challenge.

I've learned that there is more to poetry than I'd realized.

I've learned that it isn't just the classical and difficult to understand stuff, there is a myriad of forms, many oddly structured.

I thank you for the lessons and support, freely given.

I thank you for this opportunity provided by those of you who are incredibly talented and highly driven.

I didn't join this happy family with any preconceived notions of entering or winning a competition.

I didn't have a specific reason for joining other than to find a place to share my poetry, where those of like mind might show their appreciation.

I think those lofty targets were achieved and provided me with a level of contentment.

I think my expectation was exceeded and began to feel competent.

I have learned respect for the writing I do.

I have learned to respect the writing of others and most of all the work the Pub's selfless organizers do.

I've eased off somewhat but continue to enjoy all the pleasure that our Pub offers.

I've eased my way to this terminal point without too much mush, so let's finish here by wishing the Poets Pub Crew and all its members a well-deserved happy 4th birthday and look forward with anticipation to many others.

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