Chapter 6

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While everyone was eating breakfast and talking about their dreams. Aviss was in his room working on his project. "Why are you making adjustments to your armor?" Elpis asked. "Cause after the skeleton dogs I realized my armor is a bit clunky and could use some adjustments." Aviss said as he tweaked a screw in. "You should add claws to your armor." Elpis said. "Why would I add as something as tacky as that?" Aviss said as he looked at his staff, "Well for one, if you somehow manage to lose me and your knives in a fight, you have a backup weapon." Elpis informed. "Huh, that's actually pretty compelling. I'll do it then." Aviss then took the gauntlets and added the claws into it. He then worked on a metal piece which was the size of a crayon. "What's that?" Elpis asked. "I'll show you when we spar." Aviss said. He then screwed one last bolt and a light came on. "There we go." He then placed it on his neck and came downstairs.

"Good morning guys." Aviss said. Everyone greeted him with a smile and he sat next to Aro. "So. Who wants to spar?" He said with a smile. Everyone looked at him with narrowed eyes. "Dylon?" Aviss said. "Oh hell naw, I'm done being the punching bag for the week." Dylon said as lowered his bandana and drank his coffee.


Aro shook his head and went to go clean some dishes. "Ok fine. Let's go then." Dylon said putting his mug away. Aviss then ran upstairs to get Elpis and went to the yard where everyone watched, Aro made sandwiches for everyone to eat while they watched.

"Ready Dylon?" Aviss said as he rested the staff on his shoulders. Dylon then adjusted his hat. "Yeah!" Dylon said. Aviss then pressed a button on his neck piece and his armor started to piece itself together and he was encased in his armor, he then struck a battle pose with his staff at the ready. Everyone ooh's and awe'd at Aviss's new contraption. Dylon just stood there dumbfounded that he just saw his friend turn to a damn robot. "Aight, I'm out." Dylon said as he holstered his guns and began to walk towards the doors. "Oh come on Dylon; you might stand a chance!" Aviss said as he set his staff upright and leaned on it. "Ugh fine!!" Dylon said as got into his fighting stance. The girls cheered on the sidelines and Aro was filming for Aviss so he can make a compilation of Dylon losing. Aviss jumped and swung his staff down, Dylon blocked with his sabre and swung it low. Aviss blocked it effortlessly and swung low, knocking Dylon down. Dylon grabbed some dirt and flung it up, clouding Aviss's vision. "Hey that's illegal!" Aviss said, Dylon then shoulder checked him. "So is having a fully functioning ass kicking suit." Dylon sneered back. Aviss then put his staff into the ground and surrounded Dylon with his sand clones. "Aw shit here we go again..." Dylon muttered. Dylon then pulled out a pulled out a bottle of water, "you thirsty Dylon?" Aviss and the clones said. "Nah, I'm just here to make it rain." Dylon said with a grin, he then threw it into the sky and fired a shot at it, causing water to go everywhere. The clones began to turn to sand and Aviss was exposed. Dylon then drew his other sidearm and fanned the hammer, putting six stun shots into him, causing him to fall. Dylon quickly blew the smoke from his revolver and moved the hat up in a suave way. Aviss groaned as his body was paralyzed and couldn't move. "Cheap win you lucky bastard." Aviss gritted. "Wasn't cheap, I just knew you would pull that shit again." Dylon said as he helped him up. Aviss held his head and everyone clapped for Dylon. Aro was just impressed that Dylon, for once, got a win.

After everyone went inside Kai stretched and said "can we do something? I want to get some air." She pouted. "I think there's a park, but if we cut through the forest we can get there much faster." Aro said. "I'll pack stuff for a picnic then!" Ahri said as she went to the kitchen. The girls got some casual clothes and were actually excited to get some sunlight. Aviss went to his room to get his journal, "I can't wait for the park!" Elpis said with some joy, which was a bit uncharacteristic of him. "What do you mean, 'you're excited?' I'm not taking you." Aviss said. "B-But why?!" Elpis exclaimed. "Well first, you would be pretty annoying. Secondly, you would be speaking in my ear with just about every comment you have to make!" Aviss said. "It's because I have a lot of things to say." Elpis said quietly. "But please?! I promise I'll behave!" Elpis begged. "Who woulda thought that a Darkin would be begging a mortal to take them to the park." Aviss said with a grin. "I'm only begging because all I ever do is just lay in your room next to dirty clothes and, who puts raisins on pizza?! And..WHY ARE THEY MOVING?!" Elpis screamed. "Ok ok! I'll take you! Promise you'll behave?" Aviss said in an annoyed tone. "Yes I promise!" Elpis said. "Fine fine fine." Aviss said as he picked up his staff and holstered it. "Alright! Finally I can breeeaaaathe!!!" He said. "Man I wish you had an off switch." Aviss muttered.

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