One more night

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Idonot own anything!!!! hey guys this is my first ever story so read it and pls feel free to comment and give feedback and vote!!!

Tinsley faith Michaels

Kind of blonde,has smart moments, awesome, a little mean,fun crazy

Likes ; pink! Shopping friends tv wwe family fashion music

Dislikes: rain cheaters studies nerds

Friends: amt slb etc

Story : moves to London from nyc to study fashion . stays with amt and slb.

Arianna marie tommilson ?

Skylar lily brookes

Chapter 1

Finally we reached. After the eight hour exhausting flight fom nyc ,we reaches London. Ari , Tinsley and i - we made it. I knew arianna's cousin and his mates were waiting outside but right now my hunger was more important than my need to meet people ,so i handed my bags over to the girls and decided to go buy groceries. Straight from the airport .exhausted and tired .skylar lily brookes took a taxi to sainesburry near her new house.

(check if g is speaking in 3rd person like watt ? )

The whole ride i listened to my iPod through my purple headphones. I had an iphone too but somehow i did'nt like listening to music fom it. Don't get me wrong i love my iphone but . it's purple customisedspecially for me ,but i would rather use it for apps and i would use my ipod for music ' thats just me.

In sainesburry's i quickly picked up some food 'normal stuff bread,butter,etc, but i had to get chocolate and pink yogurt for Arianna and tinsley or they'd kill me . i also had to pick up chocolate mousse for myself to fulfil my weekly sugar dose.i headed to the frozen section and foun the perfect mousse but just as i was reaching for it someone else grabbed it (readers; the nerve of some ppl ! god) . i turned to face the guy who had the nerve to steal MY MOUSSE normally i would've yelled at him (not something i did often) but instead when i saw the boy with tousled blonde hair holding the mousse i quickly mumbled that he could have it and ran away quickly to the check out counter.the boy had been wearing black sunglasses and had tried to cover up his blond tresses (epic fail that was ) yhe guy looks like he might rob the store. I thought .thats what made me want to run away . as i was hurriedly going through the checkout , i turned around to check if the boy had gone . thank god ! he had . the cashier was packing all my stuff in a bag when suddenly i heard a girl screaming the boy must've had tried to kill some one (he probably had a gun ) . as i looked back to try and see what was happening , so i could help the lady. To my utter suprise instead of the girl running away and the boy running after her , the boy was running away with several girls chasing after him (da faq) . i just stared in shock wondering what was happening when two minutes later it hit me - this boy was some sort of celebrity . normally im shy but i fell sorry for the boy , who seemed quite flustered by all the female attention they were like rabid Chihuahua . i decided to help him . i walked straight upto the group of rabid Chihuahua's went right in front the him shielding him from the gaggle of girls or mob of chihuahuas's .

Skyler : alright girls, i'm part of management yo cannot attack *wispers to the boy * whats your name

Boy: niall

Sky: right niall

Random fangirl or Chihuahua no 1 : if your part of management then you have to make niall sing on the next album.

Sky : uh sure , ill talk to the other ppl in management and see what we can do . okay ? goodbye ladies now leave the poor boy alone .

Somehow my idea worked they left him alone .when everyone turned away he turned towards me

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