17 ※ Shadowed Meetings

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Chapter 17 Shadowed Meetings 

The recruits were jolted awake by the loud shouts of the section leaders, who were marching through each row of cots throwing back the thin covers at an ungodly hour. Tan let out a low groan and swung her pale legs out of her cot and onto the cold ground, wiggling her toes and poking Elle who hadn't moved.

'Get your lazy ass out of bed, V.'

Elle made a noncommittal sound in the back of her throat, 'What time is it?'

'Depends on what time you'd like it to be.' She said sweetly, before ripping off the thin blanket. Elle huffed, shivering from the sudden exposure to the cold training room.

'I'd like it to be the time you leave me to my sleep.'

Tan ignored her last comment, fixing up her blonde hair tightly, then grabbed Elle's hand to lead her to the other side of the room where all the other recruits stood. Mather was watching on with an indiscernible expression. She let herself be dragged like a small child to the other section 6 trainees lined up, most only half-awake, against the wall.

'Trainees, these next few weeks are going to be crucial. If I say train harder, you train harder. If I say no breaks, you get no breaks. Got it?'

The room was so silent Elle could hear the trainee's breathing next to her in line, no-one was sure whether it was a rhetorical question or not. He continued anyway, not needing an answer. If they didn't catch along then the recruits would soon learn.

'Today we will use our non-dominant hand in combat. I have invited the level 3 class to help.'

As he spoke, other assassins slunk into the dome behind him. They moved fluidly, not speaking to one another and lined up opposite the level 1s. Elle would have sniggered our loud or made a bad joke about their rehearsed entrance if Mather hadn't of been staring right at her trying to keep a straight face.

'Partner up.' He barked then stalked to the other side of the room.

The assassins walked confidently to a random recruit, the strong-looking ones were picked first, and Elle was one of the ones unchosen.

This suited her mission just fine. She had successfully proven that she wasn't seen as a threat but inside she was bubbling with frustration. Did she not look like someone who could be an agent? An assassin who could kill without hesitation? One who could take down someone twice their size?

Apparently not.

Tan was picked before her by one of the female assassins, and she sent Elle an apologetic glance before walking away. Elle just shrugged. Picking at her nails, directing her undivided attention on a hang nail instead of the level 3 approaching her.

He cleared his throat. She looked up. After a slight hesitation he spoke.



Striking grey eyes met hers. His voice reminded her of the silky fabrics she had seen in the markets of Lorel, only his were spinning words instead of patterns to ensnare possible buyers. Honey hair fell into his eyes as he scouted the big dome for a space to train.

Some pairs had already begun practising and it gave him some satisfaction to see most of the level 1 trainees were floored on the ground.

Gesturing for her to follow him, they made their way to a free area. Elle couldn't stop herself from remarking as they walked, 'Did you guys practise that entrance back there?'

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