Forever and Always Part 2

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DING. DING. DING. School bells already! Someone messed with my alarm clock. Someone's getting a smack down. I usually wake up to the song 'waking up to love' by Shanna Crooks. This smells of Haden! I get dressed in my new school outfit, brush my teeth, and brush through my hair so it's just naturally straight down and curly, and head out of the door. Haden came out of his room as soon as I was in the hallway.

"Was that the bell? Am I late already?" he said while choking on his laughter.

"Ha, Ha, Ha, just about as funny as your face is gonna be as soon as I tell dad what you did! You know how he feels about his precious baby girl!" I said staring at him sarcastically giving him the "I'm an angel" look.

"How are you going to tell him when you know he can't see you dressed like that?" he asked knowing he just beat me.

"Touché" I spit through my teeth.

"But seriously how are you going to get out of the house?" he wondered.

"I was hoping you'd cover for me?" I said using the classic "I'm innocent!" look.

"Fine! But only because I used to do the same thing!" he answered reluctantly. Like I said PUSH OVER!

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I exclaimed as I pecked him on the cheek and headed for the door. The school was only a couple of blocks away from my house, but luckily for me, my best friend (and neighbor) was leaving her house at the same time!

"Hey, can I have a ride Mrs. Meyers?" I yelled at her mom.

"Of course honey!" her mom yelled back. I rushed over to her van (the same van that she took us to every soccer game in so it smelled like rotten gym socks until she febreezed it) and got in the back seat next to Megan.

"Aren't you excited?' Megs asked once I was strapped in.

Megan was the kind of girl who got attention in every room she walked in, and she adored it! Although she knew not to expect a lot of adoring attention from me! I remind her of that every morning when I tell her to "shut up and be quiet because I'm trying to sleep" when she calls to make sure I'm up. She has strawberry blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She was as tall as me, loved soccer too, not so much school, but the boys she definatly liked. Although she said she's not going to just date around. She says she's not looking for a one-night-stand; she's looking for a relationship. Her and my brother have been going steady for two years now (secretly) even though she's not allowed to date anyone older than her. Although I know Haden plans to break up with her before he graduates. I don't know how to tell her, or when it's going to happen.

"Yeah, I'm super excited! It's a new field to play!" I said smiling. Mrs. Meyers thought I meant soccer field, but Megs knew better.

"Is it true your in the gifted program with Kevin?" Mrs. Meyers asked. Even though Megs isn't allowed to hang with anyone dating an older boyfriend, their parents have been trying to set me up with Kevin. Kevin is Megs' one year older brother. Gosh, I hated him! He is actually super cute in this blonde hair blue eyes way, but his is also super cocky. He plays soccer too and is always telling me what to do and how to do anything with soccer. Flip throws, blocks, goal kicks, you name it, and he's mentioned it. It might not sound that bad, but it gets ANNOYING after a while.

I made a disgusted face at Megs, but said "yes I am, I'm taking math with his class."

"Well that's great sweetie!" she replied. I always thought of Mrs. Meyers as a second mom. My parents were always at promo-parties, or meetings, and Haden and I were always over here. Heather was always with her friends. Megs giggled. I couldn't help but to join in. Mrs. Meyers rolled her eyes and kept silent the rest of the way. Megs and I texted each other so her mom couldn't hear us.

-- So I know you don't like my brother, but what about Haden's friends? -- *Megs*

 -- All my brother's friends are geeks! ill know him when I see him! --<<Lexi>>

--Whatever! But Kevin really does like you, let him down easy wont ya! -- *Megs*

--OK, I will...--<<Lexi>>

I smiled at Megs. We pulled up at the school. Our school is just a plain old web of hallways and a colossal library/computer lab.

"See you later mom!" Megs said as we got out of the car.

"Yeah, good-bye Mrs. Meyers" I said smiling at her.

"Bye girls! Have a good day! Megan, call me when you girls get out of school, and I'll come pick you up." she yelled. She fixed her jacket and smiled.

"Ok! Bye!" Megs yelled back. We walked up the steps as she pulled away.

"So you have your 'smarty pants' class first right?" Megs asked using finger quotations around smarty pants. She surely is very intilectual when it comes to sarcasim. NOT.

"YES! And then I have English with you ok?" I said rolling my eyes. Geometry is hard enough; it's going to be worse without my study buddy!

"OK, see you in an hour, LYLAS!" Megs said smiling her usual 'love me I'm in the spot light' smile.

"Love You Like A Sister too Megs" I said back, smiling my ' I know you love attention but to me you're the same girl I knew when we were two and in diapers' smile.

"Bye Lexi!" she said pivoting one foot to turn and find her locker. when she turned, she turned a little to fast and her white mini-skirt went up a little too high, and the cami under her sweater fell down. I need to remember to make fun of her about that;

"Oh and hey, TEXT ME!" she yelled. I faced her and rolled my eyes. Of course I would text her. I always do!

"And hey! Pull up your shirt!" I said bursting out laughing. I turned again to find my locker.

The halls were ordinary school halls, except the lockers were green and gold, the school colors. GO MONKEYS! The sad thing is I actually want to be a cheerleader this year. Of course I'm still playing soccer, but there in two completely different sport seasons. I don't know why but I've always had the fantasy of being the head cheerleader when I graduate. Try-outs are after school today at 3 and I'm looking forward to it, but I have to make it through the day first! My locker number is 59578 and in hallway 6. Each freshman gets a mentor to show them around the school. I've been too afraid to look at the little piece of paper that says my mentor's name. You never know, it could be one of Haden's friends, or worse. I slowly opened the paper and read the name. I had a double take when I first looked at the paper. Haden. REALLY? Why am I not surprised? Arg, I'm always stuck with him... I'd rather be stuck with Kevin. Never mind, scratch that, I'd rather have Haden.

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