The office

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There were seven gods dwelling in the heavens all seven sons were the product of Dionysus and his many lovers. Jin was the oldest son and was the son of Aphrodite and Dionysus, so was his younger brother Taehyung. Yoongi the second son and Jungkook the last son were the product of Nyx and Dionysus. Hoseok and Jimin were sons of Hemera and Namjoon was the son of Ariadne.

All seven were beautiful and powerful. They had reason to be arrogant with the bloods of powerful gods mixed in their veins, they were unstoppable, but they kept themselves to themselves, bored of luxuries and frivolity of The Good Place. They often travelled to the human plane, masquerading as humans, moving when time came or locals became suspicious. In the year 2019 AD they found an ordinary area and an ordinary office job. It felt like a gift when the seven men first appeared at the establishment, sending the women into a frenzy. Jin was first assigned acting manager as the other manager was out due to a long term illness and when the manager died Jin became reinstated as the main manager.

He was sweet and approachable, he made jokes and was not partial to a good laugh. He was also very very beautiful, he had a face of model or actor, he was a mysterious soul who wasn't very talkative and preferred to listen. Yoongi was In charge of social media, which the office found deeply ironic. He barely spoke and when he did it was profound or merely him asking if the coffee had run out. He was actually very soft-hearted despite initial impression, ensuring the workers underneath him were okay. He had a powerful aura and a deeply intense stare. The lore of the office was that looking in his eyes for two seconds would mean you would fall inexplicably in love with him fated to never love another. Those who saw a flash of his smile were blessed.

Namjoon was on the accounting team more like he ran the accounting team. He was upright but also incredibly flirtatious, always winking and smiling suggestively. He was incredibly intelligent and had a fantastic work ethic when he wasn't leaning over some poor lady and teasing them, well aware of how they melted under his presence. Jimin was similar but docile he was in charge of the Sales and marketing, his charming smile and smooth words, well, sold. You would do anything for him if he simply smiled at you. He was soft spoken and like Jin was very sweet but was far more talkative than Jin, he liked to play and tease.

Hoseok was business manager, second in command and was far more terrifying than and less approachable he had an air of aloofness, but a sparkle behind his eyes, he was easily amused but was unlikely to take missed deadlines lightly, perhaps sometimes he would punish. Most times he was cheery, attracting women towards him, his office always had a gaggle he was willing to listen to. Then there was Taehyung and Jungkook both in charge of administration they attracted new temps or interns or just new workers. Taehyung was expensive, the way his shirt hung off his frame, the way he wore different gems studs in his ears every day, and his elaborate and ridiculous rings. His face was intimidating but it didn't quite fit his childlike easygoing personality, he was very forgiving about mistakes and was the ideal person to look after interns during their induction. Jungkook was equally as sweet but more shy and careful, he flirted at times but was more on the goofy side, he had a nice body thick thighs that women liked to drag their eyes along. He usually worked on the payroll and was cited for keeping the office running smoothly.

And there was you.

You needed a job, you were broke and this was the perfect opportunity for you. You weren't as perky as the other girls at the office, your, eye bags and your constantly tired face was distinctive, you came did your job and went home caught a bit of TV and went to bed all for the next day to repeat the same cycle. After a month life was starting to seep back into your body you started wearing makeup again and looking decent. You still didn't notice the men at your office, you were still dedicated to doing your job and going home. You barely noticed when the girls around you would all fawn over one of the several guys in the office. Instead, you got up and decided to get a coffee and bumped into a dark-haired man wearing a plain white shirt, he also wore silver earrings at least three were dangling in each ear and noted that he was violating uniform policy not that it mattered. You couldn't care less you just needed coffee.

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