Prologue (edited)

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If you had told me that at eighteen that I would be pointing a loaded gun at someone's head I would have called you crazy. There's no way an ordinary girl like me would ever try and harm someone. Here's the thing though, I'm far from ordinary.

I'm Isabella De Luca. At least that's what my adopted name is. I never knew my real parents, but my adopted parents were amazing. They loved me as their own and never once did I feel unwanted. In all honesty, I really just thought of them as my biological parents. I remember those good times and I miss them often.

You see, my adopted parents were murdered one night while I was at a school dance. I came home to find their bodies side by side with a single bullet to the back of their skulls. I'll never be able to explain the pain I felt when I discovered them. It was like a shot to my heart. They were my everything. From that day forward I vowed that I would get revenge on who did this to them. I knew that I would turn into a monster by searching for their killers but I didn't care. I shut off every emotion I had and I became cold as stone. 

I was only twelve years old when I found them. I was taken in by a woman named Margret, and she changed my life forever. You see; Margret is the head of an organization of assassins called, the Lotus. We're guns for hire. We take contracts from anyone that has someone that they need "taken care of." We're "ghosts" even though secretly we do jobs for the government as well. The world is full of corruption and we're just a part of it.

Margret assured me that she would find the people responsible for my parent's death. She assured me that she would train me to kill and that I would get my revenge. She put me through rigorous training every day until I was able to put grown men on the ground in a matter of seconds. During training is when I met my best friends Malachi and Damion. Without them, I would have lost my mind when I first arrived at the Lotus. 

I trained daily on how to kill someone quickly and discreetly. I am the best agent Margret has ever had. I'm a human weapon. I'm great with hand to hand combat, guns, and explosives. As well as the technical side of things. I can hack anything that you put in front of me with ease. My strongest asset though is killing, it always has been. This is my life, and this is all I know. I'm a killing machine and I have revenge on my mind.

I am the Shadow. 

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