Episode 3~ chapter 10

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✡"My name is Emery Williams and I'm a witch, Most people call me 'The prohibido' which actually meant a Forbidden. I'm hated by almost all the witches to grace the earth, Lucifer wants to eat my soul, the whole of Brestle Cove was in danger because of me. And it all started with a practical" ✡

Perfect revenge 1

The way the world seemed to turn around so quickly still baffled me.

I can't believe that its Friday, oh that's from a song lyrics. "I can't believe that its freaky Friday, I'm in chris browns body, i drive his Ferrari...." If I continued I won't stop.

Well the weekdays flew smoothly, and I was grateful for it was normal, the past few weeks had been the craziest for me, firstly the practical, then my strip dance over to The devil's shit, speaking of devil's shit, I felt totally normal, I felt like myself.

Ever since that weird incident in my room and the weird tingling of my fingers the next day, I haven't felt that way for some days and I was happy and glad even though I keep getting calls from Cyrus constantly reminding me of the practical or maybe he was just looking for a means to talk to me...

And also, Judy constantly reminded me of her mom's birthday which was actually today and I'm currently standing Infront of my wardrobe looking for something to wear, with my head phones intact I was listening to Touch by Pia Mia, swaying my hips to the beat.

"Cause sometimes all I wanna do is be touched, all I wanna do is be loved."

I was actually singing along. "All I wanna do is be touched so touch me! All i wanna do is be loved! All I wanna do is be...."

"Keep it down T bear our neighbors are complaining!" My grandma shouted from downstairs, wow was I that loud? Well the song gets to me.

Why am I so happy today!

Well, I don't know, I guess I'll have to figure it out. The song on my headphones switched to Chaising Rubies by Hudson Taylor. That used to be Anna's favorite song, I smiled to myself as I sang quietly. "...I've never met somebody like you... I have to tell you the truth, I hardly know you and I don't wanna let you go."

My fingers moved swiftly through my clothes and my eyes met the Short Black gown Mason, my ex boyfriend for Denville high, got for me on my last birthday, I put it on, it was plain and simple, it was at my knees length though a little bit higher than it, it hugged my curves from my chest to my waist then it flowed freely down to my knees... This was the first time I ever wore it out, a year ago I was a spoilt rich brat who trashed the gown cause it was cheap.

"This is not de Ja vu, I never met somebody like you, I'd like to tell you the truth.... Chaising Rubies Chaising gold, I'd like to tell you before you're told...."

I moved to my mirror, the reflection that stared back at me was... Was... Plain, normal... Mason's ideal girlfriend... Why am I thinking about him, I lost him and he is far away probably with a new girlfriend who's not too embarrassed to tell everyone that he was hers! Maybe I just miss him too much, maybe I miss my old life- no what am I saying? I loathe my old life! The way I lived it, it was harsh and raw! And now Mason is probably with his pretty girlfriend- the music on my headphone switched to Jealous by Labrinth...

Just on cue

It's hard for me to say I'm jealous of the way you're happy without me

I took off my goggles, maybe I should loose it for just today- what am I thinking? I can't do that? I put it back on.
I have a long night ahead of me, I sat lazily on my bed, I held my phone out and switched on my network. And there it goes series of messages! From social media and messaging.

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