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"That song we just recorded
is a bop man" Nick says
causing all the boys to
murmur in agreement

"Ayo guys I think imma go
outside for a little bit. I'll
be back in like 5" Brandon
states before walking out
of the studio

as he made his way outside
the cold air hit his face and
he exhaled a deep breath

"Got something on your mind?"
he hears a soft voice say
behind him and he turns
around to see that girl
from Taco Bell

"Hey, you're that girl
from Taco Bell huh?"
Brandon smiles which
causes her to laugh

"Call me Gracie, that's easier
to remember" she chuckled
which causes Brandon
to check her out

She wore a tank top
with joggers and air maxes

"I'm Brandon" he says licking
his lips

"Anyways what you doing here?"
He asks getting up and walking
nearer to her

Brandon himself wasn't necessarily
tall but he towered over her

"Oh I'm meant to be meeting
someone" she says shyly

"Who y-" Brandon begins
but is cut off by Zion who
comes out

"Gracie you made it" he
Exclaims and Brandon
takes a step back

He watches as the two
hug and he zones out
when they begin to talk

"Brandon bro, I'll meet
y'all back at the house"
Zion addresses Brandon
whilst his arm is thrown over
Gracie's shoulder

"Bet, have fun you guys &
it was nice to meet you again
Gracie" Brandon says
forcing on a fake smile

He then turns around
and was about to enter the
studio before the boys come out

"Where's Zion going?" Austin

"And who's that with him?"
Edwin asks squinting his eyes

"Ion know, he just said
he'll meet us back home
in a bit" he mutters shrugging
his shoulders

Envy was beginning to
grow within Brandon as
he found himself thinking

Gracie was fine as fuck and
right now, she's who he wanted

But it was evident that she wanted
Zion and vice versa.

"Let's see how long it lasts"

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