Dates with the Forgotten: Training with Artoria (Saber)

496 10 1 finally happened. Ryan was on his first date with Artoria (the main/original Artoria) after she broke up with Archer Emiya when she realized that she loved her master more than her boyfriend. So after confessing her love to and a night of passion to the brown-haired boy, the two of them decided to go on a date. The boy had been so excited that he left unconscious and severely injured Stheno in the care of her sisters. After going on dates with both Artoria Alter and Artoria Lily, Ryan expected to go on a nice walk through the park, go out for lunch, possibly come back to his room, and watch something on Netflix.

However, Artoria's idea for a date was to spend the entire day practicing swords play. The Knight of Knights wanted to teach her master how to defend himself so she wouldn't have to worry so much about him. So, Ryan spent the most of day getting his butt kicked by the blonde-haired girl while Mordred, Bedivere, Saber Lancelot, and Berserker Lancelot cheered their king on. While the boy had some experience with wielding a sword (this is true; I've had some fencing lessons in the past), Ryan was no match for the legendary swordsman of swordswoman. By the end of the day, the Master of Chaldea was covered bruises, drenched in sweat, and could barely breathe.

"Hey...Artoria....can we....take a break...please?" Ryan asked, barely managing to get a sentence out as he collapsed onto the ground.

"Come on Master.," Artoria said in a stern voice. "You won't get any better unless you train. I would like you to live to see our wedding."

"Umm...Father? I think if you keep running him ragged like that, he probably is dead by tonight.," Mordred said from the sidelines before realizing what her father said. "Hey! Who said you are the one Ryan's going to marry?!"

"Shut up Mordred. No one asked you.," the once and future king of Britain as she turned her loyal Knights. "Take Mordred to her room and make sure she doesn't interrupt my date again."

"Yes, my King/AAARRTTTHHUUURRR!!!," Bedivere, Saber Lancelot, and Berserker Lancelot exclaimed as they grabbed the Knight of Rebellion and began to drag her away, from the Chaldea training room.

"You're just jealous because he slept with me first!!," Mordred yelled as she and the other Knights of the Round Table disappeared.

Artoria as she turned back towards her lover to see him unconscious on the floor. "Maybe Mordred is right...I may have been too rough with Master. I should make it up to him...but first, I need to make sure he's still breathing."


As Ryan woke up, all he could feel was how sore his body was and how soft his bed was....wait....when did he get to his room?

"Master? Are you awake?" Artoria said, causing the boy to turn towards the girl's voice.

However, when he turned to see her, he immediately saw the King of Knights in a sexy white and blue one-piece swimsuit.

"Is there something wrong, Master?" the blonde-haired girl asked with a smirk

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"Is there something wrong, Master?" the blonde-haired girl asked with a smirk.

"Other than I can barely move my body...not really.," the boy admitted. "So, what's with the swimsuit?"

Artoria looked down in shame before giving her lover a nervous smile. "Well...I felt bad for running you ragged today, so I thought about giving you some fan service and possibly something extra."

Ryan raised an eyebrow at his lover. "I'm glad you feel bad for beating the crap out of me, but I don't think I can have sex right now, but we can cuddle and watch something on Netflix if you want."

"That's ok, but I get to choose what we watch.," the King of Knights said as she grabbed the remote to the tv in Ryan's room, laid down next to her master, and began to look for something to watch.

The boy softly smiles as he realized that even he was sore and in pain, he still had a lovely time with Artoria. He just hoped that on their next date, that they could go to the beach so that he could continue to see Artoria in her swimsuit.

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