(47) Hope Still Left

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          Saran  waited anxiously, it’s been weeks since Kain set off, Crystaine was distraught that Saran had let Pentus just go.

 “He needs to do things on his own. He’s a man now, do you expect him to look at his father for every answer? You know it’s tearing him apart inside, he convincing himself that he needs to surpass me. How can he if his own mother won’t let him travel across the world, and face danger in the eye, and return alive? I’ve been brought to death’s doors several times, that’s how I managed to live, a grow stronger from my failures.”

“How can you say that?” Crystaine panicked, “he’s not a man yet, he’s still a child, he’s the Prince of Calarant! What would happen if he were to die!? I’d never forgive you and-”

 “And, I won’t forgive myself either. But that’s not happening. He’s gone too far to just give everything up, and . .. Azurhod’s spirit is inside him. He has the spirit of a demon, and a heart of a hero. Azurhod is stubborn, add that to his current stubborness, you have a determined man. I know one day, he’ll make Calaran’s futire shine bright.” Saran smiled. He had faith in his son. He would come back home smiling, with his companions alive. Then, he would boast of all the battles he’d been through and brag about all his wounds, he doesn’t see them as signs of weakness but as signs of bravery.

 “And furthermore, Kain’s with them.” Saran added, his mentor was one of the legendary heroes, in the past his mind was clouded with anger, hate, and envy. But now he’s returned as a stronger man.


 “Do you really trust him?” Crystaine hesitated, “in the past he’s commited many horrible crimes-”

 Saran growled, “How can you say that? He was my mentor! And like a father to me! A father, that I never had. .. . he’s a kind, man at heart. And I’d place my life for him.”

 Crystaine pursed her lips, “Fine. But if Pentus doesn’t return in one piece, I’m killing you next.”

  Saran hid his nervousness, maybe he jumped things too much, “Uh. .. . sure, sweetheart.”

  Saran gulped, and leaned back on his throne, sometimes she can be as scary as any demon he ever encountered, he hoped Pentus wouldn’t find a wife as scary as Crystaine, he’s sure to find a good one, after all he’s got my looks, and he’s as strong as his father.

 Saran chuckled, at his thought, his mind drifting back to that beautiful, young lady. What was her name again? Aria? She might do for him, but they were both too young, maybe in a couple of years we’ll see.

 A knock on the doors of the throne room snapped him out of his thoughts.

 “Come in!” He commanded, and the doors opened to reveal Vazguerd’s advisor, Nathan. Saran his his surprise, what would Vazguerd’s advisor be doing here? Normally, Cathel’s chancellor would deal with important messages.

 “My lord, I bring urgent news!” Nathan quickly bowed, then rose without permission.

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