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hey y'all. the name's jack. I don't feel like using capitalization. I promise you I do know how grammar works though.

so, I opened this up cause I got bored. I do have prior reviewing experience, having opened a review book called "salt and sin reviews". I had that open for about a year.

how this works is you comment the title of your book in the comments, as well as the link. also please tell me if your story is mature, cause that dictates whether I can read it at school.

now, what are you getting out of this? well, a review. yes, but what is a review? well, a review is a general covering of your book, not denoting explicit examples from your work. for example, i could say characters are bland because they're inconsistent and jumbled, constantly switching from nice to mean without good reason to, and I'll give you an example such as "in chapter three, blah blah blah" but i wouldn't quote directly from the text. and, in reviewing, i will not tell you how to fix the problem areas, only what they are and why.

how is this different from a "critique"? well, a critique denotes specific examples from the text and proposes ways to fix them. so, you will get useful information from my reviews, however you see me pulling examples from the text to do so.

what genres do I review, you may ask? well, all of them. yes, all of them. even fanfic. just note that with fanfic, I won't have all of the context unless it's a fandom I'm a part of, and I won't look up context cause that's a lot of work. and before you ask, I crave lgbt books.

so, what's the payment? well, there is none. this is free.

so, let's go over some ground rules: i) please don't rush me. this is free, and I'm doing this in between my classes (and sometimes during class, oops). if it's been more than a month, then you can politely message me. ii) this is a harsh review book. I do not hold back. if you get a negative review, don't lambast, insult, or try and argue with me. you asked for this. iii) i won't take down reviews. i don't care what the circumstances are. once I post a review, it's not coming down.

I hope I hear from you!

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