chapter one

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(This is my first book so expect the worse btw there are alot of time skips and this book is Fairly short)

(Katsuki's pov)

After a night filled with love I wake up expecting both of my boyfriends sleeping in my arms, opening my eyes as I look around the room when I notice only one of my boyfriends is still sleeping in my arms while the other one was gone 'damit half and half basterd I told him I would make breakfast and told him to sleep in'I thought to myself

As I slowly got up making sure that I don't wake up deku I go to the kitchen to look for my other boyfriend so u can shower him with a bunch of kisses only to find out he wasn't there

I went to the living room, he wasn't there. The dining room? He wasn't there. The theater room? He wasn't there. The gaming room? He wasn't there? The basement? He wasn't there? His office, my office, deku's office? Still no one. The balcony? Nope no one here either,what about the pool? The backyard? The front yard? I looked around our whole house (mansion) yet i still couldn't find him I wonder where he is, I just hope icy hot is safe

It really worried me he always told us before he went somewhere by leaving a note or texting me yet I didn't find either of those anywhere

'Maybe he went to the shops? To get umm more eggs yea right we need more eggs.. couldn't he just ask a servant tho I mean that's what we always do anyways' I thought to myself, I tried calling him yet he didn't answer nor did I hear his phone ringing

I became very worried and impatient so I went back to the bedroom to wake deku up

As I started walking back to my room I heard small cries coming from deku that worried me no one is allowed to make our Izuku cry as I heard more crying I rushed to the bedroom to check up on deku

"Oi deku what wrong?" I screamed at him he looked at me through he watery eyes "k-k-kacchan" he stuttered "oi whats wrong?" He gently me a pice of paper how didn't I notice that before? "h-he i-is g-g-gone" he said "what do you mean gone? Who is gone?" I screamed at him "j-just read *hiccup*it" he said between hiccups I looked at his eyes giving him a small kiss

I lowerd my gaze into the pice of paper and what was written made my heart skip beats

"Dear Izuku and katsuki,

you both deserve better and unfortunately I haven't been the best I want you guys to live a life filled with the happiness of each other I have too go now

Please move on from me and try to forget me and dont try to contact me in any way, I won't be coming back and I will be very far away, please take care of yourselves and be well

-shouto todoroki"


"i love you both very very much please don't ever forget that " shouto said the night before we all feel sleep after making love to our poor deku making sure he wouldn't be able to walk the day after


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BTW this chapter and only this chapter was inspired by 'baby on ice' by BabyPuffies the rest of the story will be completely different I promise make sure to check out their book aswell <3

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