Chapter 7 - Prisoner

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Ruth slowly opened her eyes and set her hazy gaze on a wall. The stench of the moisture and mound on the cement walls irritated her nostrils. Her sneeze echoed in response and she kept her eyes closed.

She whimpered at the sharp pain the sneeze caused in her dry throat only to be reminded of another agony when she heard a growl from her stomach.

Wincing at the pain of her sore body, she sat up. Her vision got better but her head was throbbing. Ruth wiped the dirt that got stuck on her hands. Unable to bear the direct sunlight coming from the tiny window of only bars, Ruth retreated to a corner. She folded her legs and hugged the them -  resting her chin on her knees.

"Let me go! Release me!" Ruth screamed.

A deep but soft chuckle followed after her rant. "Resistance is futile my beloved Ruth." Asmodues said to her with a sinister grin.

"You will not get away with this! Jesus Chri..." Ruth was punched hard to the ground.

She looked up at Asmodues and whimpered in fear. Even though he was in Muriel's body, the scowl he gave her sent chills down her spine. It was one that she never thought she would ever see on her mother. She hated that he chose to possess her of all people -making her do heinous things.

Muriel was a great mother and a beautiful woman with a heart of gold. Now, no matter how hard Ruth was going to try to only remember the good that she did, she was going to have the horrid memory of watching her murder her whole family.

Everything was the fault of the diabolical and fiendish demon scowling at her with eyes as dark as a moonless night - a scowl so lifeless but petrifying. One that was enough to force someone's soul out of their bodies.

"Don't you ever say that name!" Asmodues roared. "Do you understand?" he pulled her up by the collar and she gave a submissive nod.

Shuffling in the woods was heard and Asmodues grinned darkly. Leaves and twigs cracked underneath several feet. Ruth anxiously looked around. Due to the echo, she was unable to tell which exact direction the people where at.

"Help!" she shouted. "Somebody please help me!"

Asmodues threw his head back laughing hysterically like a maniac. "Foolish mortal, do actually believe that anyone can save you from me especially now that you are mine?"

"Somebody please, anybody!" Ruth cried.

Asmodues snatched her jaw and pulled her close to his face. "You are so resistant and stubborn. Your disobedience is a huge turn on for me. After all, all that are disobedient belong to the dark side."

Asmodues crushed his lips on Ruth's mouth. Ruth shrieked at the taste of her mother's tongue in her mouth. She tried with all her might to push Asmodues away but it was useless. It was like trying to break free from ten men. She felt weak and helpless as the kiss deepened. Asmodues pulled away and slapped her to the ground with the back of his hand.

Ruth's head jerked forward and vomit splashed out of her mouth. Asmodues' sick laughter was ringing in her ears. She cried as she crawled away, enduring the burning sensation her vomit left in her throat.

Her teary eyes saw a pair of shoes only four feet away from her. Her heart skipped a beat and she faced up. Relief took over and she ran to the strange man in a neat suit. She hugged him crying while Asmodues continued to laugh. More and more men in suits stepped out of the shadows and soon, Asmodues and Ruth were completely surrounded.

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