The Little Girl Who Cried For Her Wolf

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  • Dedicated to Val :D

I don't know if this will be any good. I am just trying to write to pull me out of my bad mood. Hopefully you will enjoy reading this.  

-Dana xoxo  



"Clark please! Stop this!" He covered my mouth preventing my screams from escaping. His piercing gray eyes so filled with lust that I knew I couldn't stop him. The tears began to flow harder as I realized this and my attempts to escape grew weaker. He removed his hands to replace it with his lips. bile rose deep in my throat as he crushed his lips on mine with such intensity. Clark lifted his hand and forcefully yanked on my long brown hair. Not able to control it I screamed against his lips and he took that opportunity to shove his tongue into my mouth. My body froze as he roamed my mouth. How could you be such a fool Aria? How could you not see past his loving boyfriend facade? Another helpless part of me screamed; "If Liam is such a great brother why can't he hear whats happening?" A swift knock on the door of my room was all it took for him to jump off of me and out my window. I shakily wiped my tears away and stood to go answer the door. A smiling Kane was on the other side. Kane was, my brother, Liam's best friend.

"Air, what's all the noise about?" My breathing hitched as I contemplated whether or not to tell him what just happened, as I received a text. Plastering a fake smile on my face I leaned on to my bed and picked it up. The screen flashed with one new text message and I froze as I read it.

Don't tell anyone what happened tonight okay, baby? I promise I will explain everything tomorrow. If you do you will seriously regret it.  

- Clark.

I looked up as if nothing happened and said: "Oh, Kane, you know how clumsy I am I just tripped and fell on to my bed." I finished and looked up nervous to see if he would believe it or not. Kane looked at me oddly, nodded his head, and turned to walk away. I exhaled slowly before walking into the bathroom. Stripping out of my clothes I turned on the hot water and collapsed on to the floor tears overtaking my whole being.

Kane P.O.V (hope you guys don't mind the change of P.O.V)

I was sitting in the living room watching football with Liam when I heard some rough banging noises coming from Air's room. Worry taking over me I made a quick excuse to Liam and bolted up the stairs. I lifted my hand and knocked swiftly on her door, impatiently waiting for her to open it. I listened closely to the sound of a window opening and closing and soft footsteps padding across the hardwood floor. A red and puffy eyed Aria opened the door, but I kept my face straight and emotionless.

"Air, what's all the noise about?" I asked, even though I longed to ask her what was truly wrong. I'm not sure why, but Aria has always been a very important person to me and seeing her like this made me want to go hunt down the cause of it all and punish it. Her breathing picked up and she looked nervous. Her eyes fell to the floor, and I immediately knew she was hiding something from me. A slight beeping noise brought her out of the trance as she strode over to her bed to pick it up. My heart beat slowed as she walked further away, and a part of me felt like it was being emptied. Why was this? I looked up to see her eyes stained with worry until she wiped her expression blank and smiled, but it didn't reach her eyes.

"Oh, Kane, you know how clumsy I am I just tripped and fell on to my bed." I hid my disbelief nodded my head and walked away, stopping as she closed her door shut. I leaned onto the wall and slid down into a comfortable position. I closed my eyes and just listened. The sound of the shower turning on and the sound of clothes dropping to the floor was all I heard at first. The rhythmic thrumming of the water was interrupted by a soft whimper so quiet it was barely audible. I imagined sweet little Aria crying her heart out and I felt anger and protectiveness overtake me as I let out a feral growl, debating on whether to find what hurt her or to go and comfort her. I made up my mind a few moments later and...



To tell you all the honest truth I may not be the best writer, but it is something I love to do. Being able to go into a different world is the best escape there is for me. Especially when that world is mine to bend, shape, and control. I hope you enjoyed it. Bye! xoxo

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