The Raven Man

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The raven man has been described as a creature that looks like a man with large wings for arms, wings much longer than normal human arms and he is completely black and with white eyes. It is said that if you can call on him and talk to him, he will grant your request but be careful.

What you need:

·5 candles


·Knife or Needle

·If you have any sort of talisman for protection (rune, talisman, religious symbol), keep it on you for the entire ritual and the night after.

Create a circle of salt for protection as a place where the raven man cannot go. Line up the candles before you. As you read each line, light one candle.

"On this dark night

I call on the Raven Man

Appear before me here and now

And do my will"

Now take the knife or needle and get a drop of your blood and touch it to the candle and say

"The flame is my beacon.

The blood is my sacrifice"

Repeat as long as you feel you should and light this candle.

You will know when he is there. You may see him, but mostly you will only feel his presence. You can ask him whatever you want, to answer a question, to grant a request. When you are done speaking to him, is now your job to release him. Thank him for coming to see you that night and for whatever request he may have granted. Now put out the candle one by one, and with each candle say:

"I release you, Raven Man"

DO NOT blow out the candles, but snuff them out whit your fingers or whit a snuffer. Clean up your salt and out it outside of any door that leads into your house. Keep whatever protective item you choose with you, even as you sleep.

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