Love has No Boundaries

Chapter Ten

Kellan's face pales, as my news registers. A sigh coming out of his lips, and he drops his hand from my arm. "Oh." He mumbles, stepping away from me.

I bring my eyes to the carpet, pretending to be interested in a spot on the ground, to avoid further embarrassment.

"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea." Kellan says. I've never felt like such crap, in my life at his rejection.

"I'm sorry. It's just, none of those immature little shits I go to school with never spiked my interest." I confess, bending down to grab my underwear.

Kellan grabs my arm, bringing my gaze to meet his. "Desiree, don't apologize for being a virgin." He chuckles, rubbing the back of his neck. "It just puts me at a setback because I want nothing more than to fùck you, right now. I really don't want to claim your virginity without it meaning something to you.

Because honestly, this is just sex to me. And if you are not okay with that, then we don't have to. There's plenty of other things I can do with you." He shrugs, giving me a warm smile.

I smirk, resting my hand, suggestively on his arm. "About those other things..." I trail off, while gripping Kellan's hand and leading him to the bed.

He pushes me back gently, before getting a firm hold on my legs and pulling my a$s to the edge of the bed. He rests my legs on his shoulders, as he slowly kneels in front of me.

I hold my breath, anticipating his next move. I feel his breath, hot on my pùssy. I squirm in his arms, pushing myself towards his mouth.

Kellan slides his hand up my body, achingly slow, cupping my breast, he tweaks my nipple.

"Kellan." I sigh, my body on fire.

My need is fulfilled as his warm lips make contact with my wet sex. I groan, writhing against his expert tongue. Lacing my hands in his hair, I push his head closer to my center.

His tongue flicks against my entrance, and begins moving in and out. I'm puddy in his hands, coming apart slowly as my orgasm builds.

He grips my leg tightly, licking my cl!t furiously. I unfold beneath him, diving into a mind blowing sensation, my legs shaking uncontrollably as I come on his sweet tongue.

Kellan kisses the inside of my thighs, before standing above me. Leaning over me, he places a kiss on my mouth, diving his tongue in between my lips, so I can taste my arousal. "You taste so good." He utters.

Wrapping my leg around his waist, I roll us over so I'm ontop of him. He smirks, trailing his hand down my back and cupping my ass.

I moan softly, lowering myself to his large c0ck. I grip it in my hand, gently tapping it against my lips, before licking the head. A small drop of precum leaks out and I eagerly lick it up. He groans, flexing his hips.

Licking my lips, I open my mouth and sink down onto his length. I get about halfway and my mouth is completely full. Kellan places his hands on my head, moving me slowly up and down.

I graze him gently with my teeth before sucking harder, and picking up speed. His breathing is heavy as he thrusts to meet my bobbing mouth. It feels so good to have him inside my mouth.

"I'm going to come. " He grunts, slamming himself into my mouth. His release is warm and salty as it reaches the back of my throat and I swallow eagerly, commiting the taste to memory.

Releasing him from my mouth, I straddle him, sliding my sex against his semi- flacid d!ck.

The feeling is amazing as my cl!t rubs furiously up and down his shaft. He clutches my back, rocking me back and forth on him, becoming hard once again.

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