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"Noona! The hyungs are coming over!" Jeongin screamed from the living room.

"Then let them come." Jiyeon says, pulling the blanket over her body. It was a lazy saturday and she just wanted to take a rest.

She heard some commotion outside her room and quickly ignored it.

"Where's your sister?" Woojin asked as Jeongin turns the tv on.

"Oh, she's in her room." Jeongin answers, sitting on the sofa. "Today's saturday so its her lazy day."

"Ah, hyung! How about we go to the amusement park?" Felix suggests, looking at Woojin. "Please? It's been a long time and we need a break."

Woojin looks at Chan for approval. The latter nods, "Alright, then. Let's go."

Hyunjin grinned, "I want Minho hyung to drive!"

"Why me?" Minho asks, closing the refrigerator. He just took a soda without permission. "I'm out of gas."

"Changbin hyung will pay." Hyunjin points out again.

Changbin scowled at the younger, "Stop pointing fingers, you kid."

"Ah, where are you going?" Seungmin asks Jisung who stands up.

Jisung shrugs, "I'm inviting Jiyeon."

Jeongin groans, "Does she really need to come? She's a killjoy."

"No wonder she scowls all the time," Changbin mutters playing on his phone.

"Changbin, be nice." Chan says and faced the group, "Well, it's also the perfect opportunity to get to know one of our members' family. Like what we did with Chungha."

"Hyung, Chungha doesn't even like you guys." Felix points out as he talks about his sister.

"No, she likes us." Seungmin adds. "She just hates Hyunjin."

Hyunjin stops eating his bread, "Why me all of a sudden?"

"Because she has a huge crush on you and you rejected her!" Jisung exclaims standing in front of Jiyeon's room, ready to open the door.

"She never even confessed!"

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"I hate you Han Jisung." Jiyeon whispers as all 10 of them enter the amusement park together.

"Come on, I heard you made a bet with Changbin hyung. Are you winning?"

Jiyeon sighs, "If I can hang out with him for a whole month then yes, I can win."

Jisung fist bumps into the air, "I knew I could trust you! We should do these more often."

"I'm not making deals with you anymore."

The younger started to pout, "Why not? We're friends now so we should make this our thing."

"Stop calling me your friend, I'm older than you." Jiyeon says, pushing his face out of the way. "Plus, you're just saying this because you want your money back."

"And you also want to humiliate hyung, so it's a winwin for the both of us."

The girl rolled her eyes looking at the boys who were busy trying out headbands, "Do they even want me here?"

Seungmin suddenly appeared behind them, "Of course we do noona! You're one of us now."

Jiyeon returned a smile, "That's nice. Thank you, Seungmin."

"So," Chan arrived followed by Woojin and the others. He was wearing some sort of kangaroo headband. "Do we go in groups or pairs -"

"Pairs!" Jisung screams out, pulling Minho, "I'll be taking Minho hyung."

"Chan's with me then," Woojin says.

Hyunjin attacked the youngest with a hug, "Alright! Jeongin come with me!"

Seungmin shrugs, "Then I'll be with Felix, I guess."

"Wait... then that leaves me with...?" Jiyeon stutters looking at Jisung with a smug look on his face.

She heard Changbin scoffed beside her, "Let's see if you can last a day with me, Yang Jiyeon."

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