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Jiyeon plays with a pencil in her hand. It was almost break time as she felt her eyelids closing slowly.

"Psst." Someone at the back started to call her.

She turns around as the teacher writes something on the board, "Do you need something?"

"Did you know that Changbin kept looking at you?" Chan whispers.

"And I should care, why?"

"He might have a crush on you,"

Jiyeon sighed, "Listen, Lee Chan, I know you watch too many dramas, but this ain't the one you're thinking of."

Chan frowned, "But you two will look cute together."

The bell rang before Jiyeon could make a response. She stretched as some students walked out to buy some snacks. She laid her head on the table.

"Do you want something to eat?" Mark asks, walking towards her seat.

"Sleep. Can I eat sleep?" She mumbled.

Mark chuckles, "I'll try what I can find."

Lucas suddenly appeared inside the room, running towards Mark, "Did you have a pop quiz?"

"Look, who decided to show up." Jiyeon says, as Lucas puts his bag beside her seat.

"Where have you been?" Mark asks, looking at his friend.

"Kun hyung's house," The tall boy answers, standing up. "Let's go to the canteen. I'm hungry."

Mark bids his goodbye to Jiyeon as Lucas pulls him away the room.

Jiyeon was about to close her eyes when someone pulled a chair over and sit beside her, "Can you not bother me -" She met Changbin's face, "Oh, it's you."

"You look bored."

"That's because I'm talking to you."

"Why do you despise me so much?"

"I don't."

"Oh really?"

Jiyeon groaned, "Ugh, fine. Do you really wanna know?"

Changbin smiles as he nods a couple of times.

"Summer of freshman year. We met at an ice cream shop. You knew I wanted the chocolate flavored one, yet you cut in line and took the last one. You even made fun of me!"

Changbin looked confused but then he started to remember a certain scene, "That was you? I thought it was Jihoon's ex."

"Why would you even..." Jiyeon stopped in her thoughts. "Nevermind, don't answer that."

"Wait. Is that it? Is that why you hate me?"

"I told you Changbin, I don't hate you. I just don't think we can bond in the same circle."

Changbin nods, "Hmm, that's true. You probably can't even stand hanging out with me for a whole month."

Jiyeon perked up, she almost forgot that she made a deal with Jisung. She looked at him, "Is that a challenge, Seo Changbin?"

He scoffed, "I doubt you'll ever win."

Jiyeon crossed her arms over her chest, "If I win, you need to pay Jisung the money you owe him and you need to wear pink for a whole week."

"Wait, why does Jisung have to be in this bet?" Changbin asks, a bit confused.

"Because that's the consequence I want." Jiyeon answers proudly. "So, what happens if I lose?"

Changbin tapped his fingers on his lap as he grinned. Jiyeon knew Changbin would make a lame consequence, she was still nervous for some reason but she never expected to hear these words coming out of his mouth.

"If you lose, you're doing me a favor you can't refuse."

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