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"What's up last night? You weren't answering your phone." Mark asked during lunch as he looked over at Jiyeon.

"Oh, Jeongin decided to join Chan's group. I had to accompany him there."

"I thought it was a frat group?"

Jiyeon shook her head, "It's actually a dance group. They're planning to enter this contest. The same one you're joining."

Mark mouthed an 'aahh' and nods. He suddenly spotted a familiar college student walking over to their table.

"Hide me." He seems to be talking to Jiyeon.

"No." Jiyeon deadpanned.

He started to look around and crawled under the table.

"What the f -"

"Sshh!" He shushed her. "Look, I just need you to keep quiet for 5 minutes then I'll explain."

Mark looked confused, "What's happening?"

Before Jiyeon could explain, she saw Dahyun roaming around their canteen. She was looking for someone. Jiyeon rolled her eyes, "Stupid, Minho."

"I can hear you, you know." Minho whispers.

Jiyeon smirked as she saw Dahyun's face fell when the lower years kept saying no, "Should I just tell unnie you're here?"

"No, Yang Jiyeon. Don't you dare."

"Hmm. She's coming here in five...four...three..." She threatens, tapping their table.

Minho ruffled his hair, "Fine. What do you want?"

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"Where's Minho hyung? And why are you occupying the whole sofa?" Changbin asks, looking at Jiyeon who was busy on her phone.

"He's making me pancakes," She answers, not looking up. "And I'm a guest here. So you better treat me with respect."

"You're just Jeongin's sister. You're not a guest. More like a pushover -"

"Changbin's being mean again!" Jiyeon shouts, loud enough for them to hear at the other room. "Should I pull out Jeongin from the group?"


"Don't do it, Noona!!!"

"Changbin stop being mean and get back here!"

Were all the screams heard from the boys. Jiyeon smiled at him as Minho arrived, "Stop pestering her, Changbin. Just leave her alone."

Changbin furrowed his eyebrows, "Why are you on her side?"

"I'm not." Minho puts down the plate of pancakes on the side table. "But I need to be. So let's go."

As soon as Minho and Changbin walked away, Jiyeon reached out for some pancake. Jisung suddenly appeared, as he sits on the floor.

"What do you want?"

"A proposal," Jisung smiles, crossing his hands together. "I need your help."

Jiyeon sat up, "Why do I need to make a deal with you?"

"Look, you hate Changbin hyung, right?"

The girl shrugs, "On occasions. I just feel like we're not on the same level."

"Yeah, he's lacking that pretty face look."

"Not on that kind of level."

Jisung was taken aback, "So you think he's handsome?"

Jiyeon scowled at him, "Get to the point, Jisung."

The boy chuckles in response, "Changbin hyung still owes me money, I want you to help me let him pay up."

"And why would I do that?"

"Look, even if I ask him to pay he wouldn't. Plus, this gives you the perfect opportunity to tease him even more."

Jiyeon tilted her head as she took another bite of the pancake, "I'm listening."

"Make a bet with him. If he loses, tell him he needs to pay me back and make him wear pink."

"And if I lose?"

"He'll come up with that but he sucks at making consequences so you're safe." The younger offered his hand to her.

"Why do you even want to do this?"

"I'm getting tired of them making fun of me all the time. I want them to suffer as well." Jisung suddenly started laughing like the villains in the movies. "Also, I saw how you handled Minho hyung. He never does errands for anyone, you know? So, do we have a deal?"

Jiyeon shrugs and shook it, "I need a new challenge in my life anyway."

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