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Their reactions when you call them ugly:


-Glares at you
-Stares at you seriously until you finally say you regret saying he's ugly

-Makes cute aegyos



-"How dare you" he'd say
-"I'm prettier than you" he'd continue

-Glares at you intensely
-Waits for you until you say sorry and that you regret saying that.



-Looks at you with an '0.0' face
-Doesn't reply
-"I'm offended!!" he'd finally say
-"I have abs!" he'd continue, "So?" you'd say

-"You're uglier." he'd reply too and rolls his eyes



-Does aegyos until you regret it
-Does cute actions to make you die (bitch what)

-Does a cute voice

(wtf did I write?)



-Glares at you
-Glares at you again for another minute
-Glares at you for another hour
-Glares at you 24/7




-Glares at you too
-Doesn't forgive you until you finally say you regret it and that you're uglier than him (lolz wut)

-"Atleast I'm cooler."
"Atleast I'm more handsome"
"Atleast I'm more savage than you" he'd say


Thats all lol that was boring. 👌
Thanks for reading!
I'm still thinking of a plot for the last chapter so..... yeah.
And then, I'll finally publish a new book!

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