Sonic said, "I can't kill anyone..."

Elise said, "He's a mobian like you and he has done very bad things and mobians have the ability to sense each other only you can find him."

Sonic said, "I think I can find him, but I could never kill him."

Elise said, "You won't and we will give you devices to contact us when you find him."

Sonic agreed and Elise made everyone get him and themselves ready.

At Maria's house

She had a fever and asked Shadow/Mew to get her some water but he came back with a slipper which made her chuckled

Chris came and mew ran up to him saying,

"Water! Water!"

Chris but a wet towel on his head to make him feel better and put his head on Maria's and she blushed a little. And he realized after the tough time she had she can't remember anything. And Chris made his desicion and is moving in.

In the lab

Sam was in the emergency room and yelling,


Elise said, "I do sympathies but without this operation your gonna die."

Elise told Sam about Shadow and what he can do and who he is and especially the chaos control ability that is most powerful.


They were ready to leave and Sonic had new clothes and hugged Elise and promised to make her proud and Elise told him everything to be safe and be careful with Shadow.

He got on the plane and it flew off.

In Maria's house

Chris got his old room ready and smiled and found something of Maria's... A music box

With Maria and Mew

She was cleaning to floor and Chris was getting a rag and Maria accidentally bumped her arm on Mew and Mew held her hand and she blushed but Chris interrupted and made them clean and left to get something from the store.

Outside Tails was there with Goobster and found the place and knocked on the door

Maria opened it and Mew was there and Tails was shy but spoke,

"You see I found an umbrella and the address was written on the handle and I found it at the beach, I was at."

Maria lit up and allowed him in. And Chris got home and saw tails.

Chris said, "Another boy!?"

Maria said, "Chris this boy he was there that night."

Chris said, "What night was that?"

They talked while Mew was cleaning and he found the music box.

Maria said, "I knew it that detective knew about the soldier all along."

Chris said, "You were attacked why didn't you tell me?"

Mew slipped dropping it and hit his head and everyone came.

Maria said, "That music..."

Shadow took control and tried to use chaos blast but saw Maria and imagined her crying begging him to stop. He left.

Maria picked up the box and Tails said,

"The melody is beautiful."

Chris knew Maria didn't remember. Goober came inside to see tails. But what got them curious who let him free from his collar. And Chris gotten jealous of Mew.

Somewhere Sonic finally found shadow and they were near a graveyard on the steps. Sonic loved at his gloves.

 Sonic loved at his gloves

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Sonic said, "Mama can I have your gloves I always wanted them."

Elise smiled and gave it to him and they hugged.

Flasback ends

Sonic approached and said, "I knew you knew I was coming, I'm going home and your coming with me."

To be continued

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