Deep feelings

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In the house

Maria saw Chris and tried to explain but Chris put the key on the table and had a fake smiled and ttried to leave but Maria stopped him and tried to explain everything.

Chris spoke, "Maria... Do you remember the festival in the city my parents hosted that we always went to as kids...?"

Maria said, "Festival? What are you talking about? That doesn't seem that important right now."

Chris pushed her, had tears and said, "You jerk! Ever since.... I've been...."

He ran out the house and Shadow/Mew watched

At the lab

Elise was talking to Sonic

Sonic said, "It's you Mama! It's really you!"

He tried to hug her but the chains help him back and Elise set him free and said,

"Sonic I came to ask your help."

In Chris's house in has room

He opened a box and inside was little handmade figures he and Maria made at a booth


Young Chris tried to made a robot sculpture and it fell apart.

Young Chris said, "Oh no it broke."

Young Maria said, "Your terrible at this."

Young Chris said, "Oh yeah I like to see you make some of them."

Young Maria made a hedgehog, cat, butterfly, mouse and bird sculpture.

Young Chris tried and failed again.

Young Maria said, "You get it right once I'll do what you say."

Young Chris said, "Don't act like your so smart I can do it and believe me I'll make you do whatever I say."

Young Maria said, "Okay I'll remember."

Flashback ends

Chris cried from those memories

At the lab

Sonic said, "What do you want me to do I'll do anything for you mama."

Topaz said, "Why does he call her mama? Number 7 isn't even Elise's son."

P. Sara said, "He was locked in here since he was born, his real mother Aleena had triplets and we only took Sonic because he was the only one effected and told his mother he didn't make it, his life was spent during experiments, worse than torture, to stay alive he needed some kind of support."

Topaz said, "And Elise gave him all that support?"

P. Sara said, "He believed Elise was his mother, he did everything he could to make her proud to her expectations so far that kept him alive.

In the room with Sonic and Elise

Elise said, "Sonic there's a person I need you to kill."

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