three - harry

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three – harry

“Why are we here?”


            Harry’s voice was whispery and quiet as he stood in the line with the other members of the circus. They had all been called in Liam’s office after the show ended, leaving no time for Harry to attend any of his scheduled sessions – thankfully. “They’re checking on us, sir.” Lilith, a blonde eight – year – old murmured. Liam had found her her on the streets two years ago, and since she was a true beauty, the man decided to guard her and make the rest of the magicians teach her tricks so she could startle the audience with something else other than her beauty.

            Yes, but she’s not quite you, is she?, Harry heard the voice in his head, boisterous and confident, when he turned to look at the small girl, “Thanks Lily,” he smiled at her, batting his eyelashes. You’ll always be the best around here, the pretest of them all, the one who makes all the men drool in here.

            “Harry Styles,” Liam called him then in a posh and serious voice to step in the front of the room. Harry then opened his arms, feeling Liam’s hands as he felt him up and down. Louis was standing at the back, hands crossed in front of his chest, a blank expression on his lips that remained unread. Oddly enough, he did not look angry or distressed, rather than just sad and confused. He had an excellent way of dominating his emotions, Harry noticed. He had been quite surprised when he realized that Louis’ reaction had not been the same as the other men’s; maybe this is what differed him from the rest of the mass. However, it only made Harry wanting to appear desirable to him even more, the small boy wanted him to tremble in lust and pleasure beneath his fingertips, “He’s clean.” Liam announced, letting Harry walk away, but not before he patted his bouncy bum in a playful manner.

            “Aye!” a loud, cheery voice was heard when Harry exited Liam’s office and walked straight into the corridor. Soon enough, he was able to see a figure appearing, running towards him. He gasped when he finally realized who it was.

            “Niall!” he exclaimed, sprinting towards his friend and falling in his arms, hugging him tightly. He hadn’t seen his best friend in a while, since the last time they performed was a month ago in the city of Manchester, and Niall had since then gone to see his brother and nephew in Ireland, his parents dead from a long time ago. “Lord, I missed you so much, for a moment I thought – I thought I’d never see you again.” At that, Niall let out a hearty laugh.

            “Oh, silly Harry, you know I’d never leave you alone, I already promised you that,” the Irish blond said, his blue eyes gleaming with happiness. They were much to different to Louis’; Niall’s had a frozen, light blue color, which contrasted again his slightly tanned, freckled skin. Harry wondered if you could swim in Ireland, like a man at one of his sessions had told him a week ago. The man was from North Carolina, in the land of America – not that Harry knew much about that place – and had told him that their sea was as warm as a comforting cup of Yorkshire tea. “I’m sorry I missed your performance tonight lovely, but I’ll definitely be for tomorrow’s, I’ll – I’ll try and convince Liam to put me after your performance, so that I can – I can see you – “ Niall couldn’t be able to finish his sentence because Harry’s lips attacked his cheek.

            “T-thank you, thank you so much, you don’t have to, I’m so – so happy – “ Harry began rambling, jumping on the older boy and smiling happily. Just the mere fact that Niall was next to him, the person he trusted the most in that place, made his heart swell with affection and happiness, You better not ask him to fuck you again, Harry, the voice murmured in his ear with an evil laugh erupting after, we both know what happened the last time. You don’t want to sound like a whore or a slut again now, do you?  

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